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Getting My Butt In(to) Gear


The purpose of this thread is twofold:

  1. To keep track of the various training routines I use since they tend to go missing around the house. Seeing progress over time should help me keep accountable to myself and keep me moving towards my goals.

  2. To log my experiences with getting into powerlifting gear.

I've just this year started competing in powerlifting (January 2009), and I've already noticed that since I finally decided on competing and filled out my first entry form, my dedication to training has improved. I'm hoping this log will act as one additional level of accountability will help me to continue to move forward.


I'll keep this entry as a summary of my competition results.

The Canadian Powerlifting Union (CPU) is an IPF affiliate.

January 24, 2009, Niagara Open
Competed in 82.5kg class, belt only
Squats 130/140/150
Bench 100/110/miss 112
Deadlift 150/165/175
Total 435kgs. This gave me a Class IV ranking.

April 25, 2009 St. Thomas Open
Competed in 75kgs class, belt only.
Squats 140/150/miss150
Bench 105/miss 115/miss 115
Deadlift 170/182.5/miss 200
Total 437.5kgs. This gave me a Class III ranking.

June 6, 2009 Power Pit Open (Belle River)
Competed in 75kgs class, Squat suit/knee wraps/belt (equipted for squat only).
Squats 150/160/172.5
Bench 102.5/107.5/miss 110
Deadlift 175/187.5/miss 192.5 (187.2 was a 5kg PB)
Total 467.5kgs. This qualified me for the Intermediate Championships.


Well my first couple planned sessions since the meet on April 25th were a no go.

I planned to train on Wednesday April 29th, but just as I was getting ready to head out to the garage (about 11pm) one of the kids started to cry. When I went to check on her I asked what was wrong and rather than answer, she puked on me. Thanks. So I spend till about 2am bathing her, cleaning myself up, doing laundry, taking the bed off the top bunk (it had to be the top bunk), making a bed on the floor, etc...

Then Thursday I was all set to go train (shoes on, finishing a coffee) and GUUURRRGGGLLLEEE! WTF was that, is the plumping backing up? Well sort of, only it was my plumbing! So I spent the night in the bathroom, rather than the garage. On a positive note, if I hadn't had that last cup of coffee, I would have been in the middle of my squats by that time. And that may not have been good.

So my first actual training session back was Sunday May 4/09 (everything in lbs)

Still not feeling great, but good enough.

Front Squats
1 x 5 x 115
1 x 5 x 125
1 x 5 x 135
4 x 5 x 155

Sumo Stance Rack Pulls Pin #3 (just above knees)
1 x 3 x 135
1 x 3 x 225
1 x 3 x 275
2 x 5 x 315
3 x 3 x 365
Planned on going heavier, but just not feeling up to it yet.

Pendley Rows
5 x 5 x 135
Never tried these before so I went light. I'll slowly work up in weight as I get more accustomed to the movement.

Standing Band-assisted Ab crunches
I worked these in between the Pendley Rows sets to save time.

Mental note: Next time I'm recovering from a stomach flu, I will not have a foot long Philly cheese steak sandwich as my first meal other than toast in three days, especially if I'm intending to be doing any type of row or ab movement. Rep...burp..rep...burp...


Woo hoo!

Hope everyone's tummies are feeling better...


I don't get it, did your gym close at 2am?

On a more serious note, it is probably good to get such a stern reminder of what having a child will do to my training, even if it is still several years away.

Oh, and all the best with your training!



As the first guest to my log, you will receive the one and only door prize. Boards for benching, unfortunately shipping is not included and since the 1 board is just a cut up 2x4 and the 2 board is two cut up 2x4's taped together. So please send a cheque for $50 up front to cover the shipping. To make it easier, I accept USD at par!

Slowly getting there. It went 5 for 5 as of this morning. My wife called me at work to let me know that the 2 1/2 stood up on his chair to proudly proclaim that he had diarrhea (or di-a-de-da)!


LOL! Damn, you caught me slacking!

As for having kids and training. It's a priorities issue. You can definitely still train, you may just have to be more flexible at times and/or have an agreement with your spouse/girl friend as to your time.

My training time is at night after the kids are in bed and the house is tidied up, so usually starting somewhere between 10:00pm and 11:00pm.

Until recently, I just wasn't focused enough on training to make it work, so it didn't.


So, what are your goals? Do you have #'s in mind for the next meet?

You know what they say "A man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder".


I'd like to interject that the purpose of this log is, in fact, threefold. #1 and #2, the two boring reasons listed above. More importantly is #3, so there is a 'home base' where we know to go to publicly make fun of you.


I feel for you with the sick children. I've spent many the night laundering vomit covered bed sheets. That's the most work.

I hope they're all feeling better, diarrhea and all.


Ahhh goals, yes, I do have them although the timing has gotten a little murky.

Short answer is to get to the Nationals (Class I) and then keep improving and setting goals as things unfold.

For the last competition in St. Thomas my goal was to total 455kgs and qualify for the Intermediate Championships. I screwed that one up, but Court was able to laugh at me a few times so not a total loss. Here's my summary I wrote in Ouro's log:


So currently there are only 2 more competitions, June 6 (Belle River) and July 19th(?) in Ottawa. At the moment I don't know if I can commit to either so it's hard to say whether I'll compete again this year or not.

Either way, my intermediate goal is to get to a 570kgs (1,257lbs) total in single ply gear ASAP. Since I've never even had a squat suit, bench shirt, or knee wraps on it's hard to give a time line. Fortunately the Niagara Club has told me to stop out and they would help me get into equipment. That should really speed up the learning curve.

So hard and fast goals are difficult, but although I can't say for sure if I'll make it to the Nationals for April 2010, I fully intend to be on the platform in April 2011 when it is in PEI (where I'm from)! Hopefully with a total much higher than 570kgs.


Do you think you'll make it out to St. Catharines this weekend? If you are, they will be an immense help to you. Just don't let them corrupt you with their badness.


See how easy I make things for you. I'll also assist by putting up videos of my lifts (wait until you see how I adjust the height on my high box/bench squats).


If you asked my yesterday, I would have said it was almost a sure thing (I was going to e-mail Glyn today), but since then my "sure thing" babysitter became an "unlikely maybe", so I'm on to option number 2 tonight/tomorrow.


Hope he does. I'm going so I can bring back any stories to publicly humiliate him as required.

As for corruption, they're good, sweet, innocent men...boys...men-sized-boys....


Whenever you figure it out, just sent Glyn or Hoi an email telling them you're coming down. 10am Saturday. They're there every week :smiley:


that surround themselves with shirtless women at the Y and try to impregnate us while spotting squat.


...and push/shove each other to be the first to the squash courts to get women out of their shirts.... right. I stand corrected.


Sounds good. You have both short term and long term. Now to map out how to get there, right?

Your actions must align with your goals. :slight_smile:


Hey buddy, I finally spent some time with the MM DVD and it recorded fine and is great. I'm a bit slow so I learn more easily watching in vs. reading it. I'm going to look at the Inside Out one later in the week.

It was tough doing in the house. I kept running into furniture :slight_smile:

Now if you could just talk your father in law into making me a rack, I'd be super happy.