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Getting My Butt In Gear!


Hey T-Nation Enthusiasts,
I finally registered after spending awhile reading all of your threads, etc. I am 20 years old, female, 5'2, 137 pounds (about 15 or 20 unnecessary pounds :slightly_smiling:

I'm posting to see what you all could tell me about if I'm doing too much and what I could do to prevent fatigue.

I lift M, W, F. I go to an hour and a half of yoga also on M, W, F. This is yoga that leaves me just as soaked in sweat as the Boxing/Jiujitsu I do on T and TH. I often run the mile to the gym and back.

I've been eating apples, low fat cheese, low fat cottage cheese, sweet potato, chicken, brown rice, carrots, whey protein shakes and genisoy protein bars as the main staples in my diet. I definitely cheat occassionally, hence the extra 15 pounds, but I've gotten a lot better and have recently lost about 6 pounds since I really started taking my health more seriously.

I find by thursday I'm just totally zonked and drained. Am I doing more harm than good? I love working out so it's hard for me to step back and take a day off.

I'm also diabetic so I can't really cut back on carbs any more than I have. The diabetes makes the weight loss a little more complicated, thus part of my struggle.

I'd appreciate any wisdom you've got to offer!


ahh, I also forgot that on T, TH I do an intense ab workout. I take a lot of vitamins. Drink a lot of water. Yada yada yada.


There is a difference between working hard and being insane. I definitely would start taking a day off. Id cycle back on the cardio first, and keep the weights for now. Being a beginner, I don't believe that you are conditioned for that kind of exertion. I also don't believe that your diet is tuned to keep your body running at peak that often.


Alright-note taken! Thank you!!!


None of us can really give you the answer. Just listen to your body and how you feel...If being tired from the last day's work out leaves you tired and unable to fully get a good workout in today, then maybe it's time to step it back a little.