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Getting My Bench Up for Reps


I found the article of Dave Tate's technique and how much more weight you get up. Will this help me get my 185 bench press test up for as many reps as possible?




Even if I want to go for like 30 reps? Will your "tighted musules" stay tight for that long?


Why only 30 reps? You can do 120 ½ reps bro!


it's pretty much impossible to stay tight for a high rep bench set. once you exhale you lose a ton of tightness. I never perform more reps as a ME set than i can hold my breath for. if you are performing sets of 30, your form WILL go to shit. in my experience, if you want to stay tight and keep your form intact, don't do more than 5 reps in one set.


makes sense thanks. I guess when I am getting tested I would just do the first couple of reps tight then I will have to do it normal in order to get more reps.


Are you doing a highschool combine test?


It would be a good question to pose to Joe Defranco for his Q&A. He's very familiar with powerlifting bench and also turns his athletes into 225 test monsters.


Oh come on, he can't keep his shoulder blades tucked and his chest up for high reps? I was at the gym today doing sets of ten using the same technique illustrated in the article.

It's certainly harder to maintain tightness with higher reps, but theirs no reason to forgo technique as the reps go up. This guy doesn't sound like a powerlifter anyway so I think "tightness" may be a looser term here.

Oh, Holding your Breath + Heavy Weight = brain aneurism. Don't do it, unless you're a powerlifter.


you seem to be arguing with me and then you state that there are degrees of tightness. you are obviously not a powerlifter and the article that dave tate was featured in described how to perform a powerlifting bench. there's no "looser term" when it comes to tightness. of course you can perform high reps on the bench, but you can't stay tight and do so. that's not my opinion, that's fact.

i really love how you drove your point home with the brain aneurism comment. that made me laugh out loud.

please don't comment if you don't know what you are talking about. it just confuses poeple that are trying to learn. personal opinion doesn't make a statement true.


Dude you're arguing with a guy who's trying to say a 10 rep set is similar to a 30 rep set. Save yourself 3 mintues next time and just stay in bed that bit longer tomorrow :wink:


i was going to.. but the aneurism comment made my eye start to twitch.


holding your breath too long?


I just want to defend my initial statement.

I said yes to the OP's question because if he is talking about some sort of sport-specific combine style bench test (which I'll assume he is), then I believe setting up like a PLer could only increase the total amount of reps he will be able to perform for two reasons. First, setting up like a PLer means the bar will travel less distance on each rep. Second, leg drive can be used once fatigue begins to set in.

At least, that was my line of reasoning for shooting off such a quick "Yes."

That and the fact that I, personally, feel I could get more reps with 185 using a PL setup.

Also, while staying incredibly tight is important when working in the 1-5 rep range, is it really going to be a significant issue when working with a 185lb load and just trying to bang out as many reps as humanly possible? Would there really be a better way to set up for such a test that would allow for more reps?

I'm curious what you think about my reasoning, Meat. If its faulty, let me know.


of course a powerlifting setup will get you more reps as well as be safer all around. i was commenting on his second post about being able to stay tight for 30 reps- that's impossible. regardless of if you are able to stay tight or not, tucking the elbows, getting leg drive, shortening the range of motion, bringing as many muscle groups as possible into the motion,etc. will help you lift heavier weight for more reps. no doubt.


I'm not taking anything away from your reputation of course, I can see from your youtube posts that you are an experienced powerlifter :slightly_smiling:

However, last time I checked a 185 bench press test is completely different than powerlifting. Forgive my presumption, but this is probably a high school football player preparing for his combine bench press. In order to prepare for this he has to maintain a "tight" back with a raised chest and his feet firmly beneath the bench for every press. I guess if the term tightness is used in a different sense I apologize for my ignorance :slightly_smiling:

Degrees of tightness to me simply means degrees of technique. What other factor could possibly be important?

In regards to the anuerism comment, I suffered one about two years ago while holding my breath and benching. If you have high blood pressure its highly dangerous to hold you're breath and lift weights. It also has a tendency to kill brain cells which extends beyond the weight room.

Also for the record, I happen to know a lot about benching, it could be why I just pressed 405 for three today RAW. I'm especially good at 225 for reps which pertains to this specific subject. Just thought Id share my info from one FB player to another.


My technique doesn't change if i'm benching 225 for reps or I'm benching heavy weight. You can't "cheat" when your moving a 300 pound lineman! You either lift the weight with proper form....... or you don't! It's that simple.

Actually for the record, I'm pretty insulted. Preparing for a high rep test is a specialty of mine and I have every right to tell this kid good info. I've prepared with very knowledgeable trainers for a test nearly identical to this one. In 8 months alone I've added 8 reps to my 225 test.

With all respect to powerlifters, this type of test is not you're forte. This kid would be better off talking talking to the weird guy in the blue spandex doing handstands and pushups like nobody's business at his gym instead of powerlifters in terms of training. That sir is my opinion, and fact.


I agree with this 100%. For the Record, what is it that powerlifters mean by tightness if not a tight back/traps?


I did the high school combine test and got 35 times but I only kept "tight" in the first 5 reps and then just kept repping it out normaly. The last rep I used leg drive and it helped my last rep. Thank you to everyone for the information.


all that arguing you just did and then you ask this question. the op asked if you could stay tight doing a high rep set. i say "no". you then argue that you can. then you go and ask what it means to be tight.