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Getting My Act Together

This year has been pretty rough for me so far. I haven’t really been able to get to the gym much, but I’m going to change that. I figure posting up workouts here and reading more of the logs here will help with that.

My numbers are awful, but I’m just getting back into the thick of things, and I was never that great before. I’m going to start taking training and eating more seriously from now on.

Today I did this:

Incline Bench Press- 135x3, 185x3
Close Grip Bench Press- 135x3, 185x3
DB Front Raise- 20x6, 25x8
Barbell Drag Curls- 65x6, 75x10
Incline Triceps Extensions- 65x8, 85x8
DB Lateral Raises- 20x8, 25x6
Cable Face Pulls- 80x8, 100x6
Machine Reverse Flyes- 110x8, 140x8, 170x4
Concentration Curls- 20x8, 25x6

Weight: 210 lbs

I may as well post the other two workouts I’ve had this week:

Pull Ups- 8, 4, 3 :confused:
Deadlifts- 225x3, 245x2
Wide Grip Pulldowns- 125x6, 140x6
DB Rows- 60x6, 70x8
Seated Cable Rows- 120x8, 140x10
Cable Pullovers- 80x8, 8

Weight: 210.5 lbs

Squats- 185x3, 205x3
Leg Press- 360x6, 410x6
Leg Curls- 160x6, 180x5
Leg Extensions- 160x6 180x7

Weight: 211.5 lbs

Today I did this:

Pull Ups- 8, 3, 3 (not a lot of rest between sets)
Incline Bench Press- 185x3, 195x3
Squats- 185x2, 205x3
DB Lateral Raises- 20x6, 25x10
DB Front Raises- 20x6, 25x7
Alternate DB Curls- 40x6, 50x5 (form got bad at the end)

I might just do a full body workout 3x a week. I still haven’t figured out my exact routine yet, but I’m looking to move away from the splits I normally did. I’d like to squat more often.

My weight today: 209.5 lbs