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Getting My Act Together

Hey all â??

Long time lurker, this is the first time Iâ??m actually posting. Thought it would be a good idea to get a log going for personal accountability as well as to get feedback. Iâ??ve been looking in on a lot of the logs here for a while now and its really awesome to see the progress you guys all make every day. Itâ??s incredibly motivating. Hopefully Iâ??ll be there someday.

First off, a little background. Iâ??ve always been pretty athletic, at least in the sense that I played sports all through high school, and Iâ??ve been lifting on and off for the last 2-3 years, albeit not the least bit seriously, mostly just messing around in weightrooms with my friends. I have a habit of going hard for a couple months and then quitting or letting life get in the way of my lifting.

Iâ??m hoping to stop that here and now. In the last 2 â?? 3 months I have gotten pretty serious again, going about 4 days a week and really tracking my progress as well as what Iâ??m eating, so Iâ??m hoping to keep my momentum up.

I also have just recently started taking foam rolling, stretching, and mobility work seriously, as Iâ??ve discovered I have a pretty serious back rounding issue in the bottom of my squat, so Iâ??ve done a ton of reading here and elsewhere, and started doing a ton of corrective and form work on my squat, while switching over to RFESS and other single leg work for the strength part of my squat days. I have also taken up MMA (they offer a club here at school), which meets 4x a week (2 days BBJ, 2 days Muay Thai). I usually am able to go to that 2-4 days a week.

I tested my maxes a week or two ago, and as of now Iâ??m at:
Press: 125 x 1
Bench: 185 x 1
Deadlift: 215 x 1
RFESS: 80 x 1 (each leg)

I dropped my weights a little, and am now working my way back up. My goals for now are just to get stronger, fix my squat problems, and gain some mass in the process (Iâ??m about 155 lbs, give or take a couple pounds, and 5â??7â??).

In terms of nutrition, Iâ??m currently eating around 2300-2600 calories a day, but its flexibleish. My minimum is 2300, and usually Iâ??m around 2500, but sometimes its more sometimes its less. Everyday I have a breakfast shake consisting of: 8 oz milk, 6 oz plain greek yogurt, 1 banana, 2 scoops natty PB, and 2 scoops protein, for about 850 calories. I also take 5g creatine (just started the other day), 2 vitamins, and 6 fish oil caps every day. Iâ??m actively trying to eat better, and some days I do better than others.

Sorry for the crazy long first post.

Did deadlifts today…felt pretty good

Warmup: foam rolling, mobility work, goblet squats, light stretching

185x5 (went up easyy)
2 x 195x5

3x10 (wanted to do a 4th set, but hammies were dead)

Front Squat form work
bar x some x some
95 x some x some
focused on form, pushing my knees out, sitting between my legs, etc

Palloff Press
3 x some (numbers on stack are worn off x 10

Farmers walks
65, 2 x 70

and done. did some more foam rolling, stretching, and called it a day

Today’s Food:
Breakfast Shake
1/2 a Chicken Ceasar Salad Wrap
Cliff Bar
General Gao’s chicken
Salad - spinach, cucumber, broccoli, balsamic vinagrette
4.5 scoops protein (taken thruout the day
1 oz almonds
cheese stick

Totals: 2,551 Calories, 96 g Fat, 174 g Carbs, 263 g Protein, 19 g Fiber.

Sounds like you’re off to a good start. I’m in the same boat – lifting on and off for years, just finally decided to get serious, and started a training log today. Good to see someone else going through the same effort! Keep at it.

Captain - thanks man, I appreciate it. I’ll check in on your log too after class today.

Bench Day today…didnt go as well as I wanted…

Warmup: foam roll, mobility work, stretching

165 x 2 (not quite sure what happened here…just didnt have it for whatever reason. Will stay at this weight next week)

bw x 5
+30 x 4 (so pissed i couldnt get 5, will stay at 30 for next week also)

DB Bench

Sgl Arm Row

4 x some x 10

little bis and tris

overhead walks 2 x 25

more foam rolling and streching, and then 3 sets of 10 stability ball rollouts for abs…not my best day but whatever, will come back better next week.

evening: trained jiujitsu for about 90 minutes

Breakfast Shake
1/2 chicken caesar salad wrap
cliff bar
4.5 scoops protein
1 oz almonds
spaghetti and meatballs

totals: 2,522 calories, 86 g Fat, 198 g Carbs, 252 g Protein, 20 g fiber
a little high on carbs, but im ok with that cuz of the extra work with jiujitsu. might cut out the cliff bar though and replace it wiht almonds and a peice of fruit instead.

annnd fuck. came down with a really nasty cold yesterday…headache sore throat, high temp, all the good stuff. no energy to workout and no appetite so i havnt really been eating…got some good sleep last night though and planning on heading home tonight to get some more solid sleep, hopefully be good to go by friday.

still feelin like crap but made myself get to the gym so I wouldnt feel like such a lazy sack of shit…did some legs

warmup: foam rolling

Box Jumps 3x3 (not too high)
35 x 5

Sgl Leg RDL

Ab rollouts

One Arm Deadlifts
95x5 (felt my back tweak on the 5th rep, called it quits)

not a great day, no real focus or anything, but it felt good to get moving

upper body today, did shoulders…felt ok not too great, definitely still feeling the effects of the cold

warmup: foam roll, stretching, mobility

3x115x5 (a little more difficult than i would have liked it to be)

5, 10, 8, 8, 8, 8

2x+30x10 (felt super weak on these)

cg rows

stability ball rollouts: 2x10

and a quick hot tub and then home. not very happy with today/this week in general. Gonna weigh myself tomorrow and see whats up. I feel a little softer than usual and definitely not as strong/energetic. I’m hopin that once I kick this cold it’ll be back to normal.

deadlift day…

Warmup: foam rolling, mobility work, swiss ball rollouts 2x10

205x5 (PR)
215x5 (PR)
2x225x5 (PR, second set did not go up easy)


Palloff Press

More foam rolling and stretching, decided im going to add in another session of rolling/stretching/mobility work during the day and also do 100 band pull aparts/day in an effort to help me recover and do some prehab

todays food…decided to up my intake to about 3k calories/day. I had been stuck around 157 for about two weeks and then lost a couple lbs due to illness…anyway

and im sorry i spaced putting up my food over the weekend…wasnt really eating and it slipped my mind

breakfast shake
salad - spinach, cucumber, sunflower seeds, balsamic dressing
2.5 scoops protein
1 oz almonds
chicken burrito (unforutnately had to eat on the go tonight)
and a second breakfast shake pre bed

totals: 3,046 calories, 119g Fat, 207 g carbs, 303.4 g protein, 24 g fiber

bench day

Warmup: foam roll, mobility work

185x4 PR
185x3 PR of sorts…previous best was 1

5, 5
+35x4 PR
+45x2 PR

Didnt have a lot of time today (paper due tomorrow and an exam tomorrow), so called it quits…did some more foam rolling and mobility stuff also


breakfast shake
salad - spinach, cucumber, balsamic dressing
chicken burrito
breakfast shake

totals: 2,997 cal, 101 g fat, 216 g carb, 320 g protein, 21 g fiber

did legs today…

Warmup: foam rolling, mobility stuff, stability ball rollouts 2x10


Sgl leg Hip Thrusts

Squat form work:
stretching, mobility stuff, several sets of front squats. This isn’t going as well as I’d hoped, I’m really having a hard time getting good, full squat form. Just gonna keep plugging away I suppose

more foam rolling and called it a day. somewhat disapointed today but whatever…

food…i havnt eaten it all yet but i got it planned out for the rest of the day and i probably wont have a chance to get back on.

breakfast shake
salad - spinach, cucumber, balsamic dressing, cheese
slice of cheese pizza
2 oz almonds
4 scoops protein
breakfast shake

totals: 3,053 calories, 123 g fat, 181 g carbs, 321 g protein, 23 g fiber

also have grappling tonight for 1.5 hours

Shoulders today…

Warmup: foam rolling, mobility stuff

125x4 PR (should have stayed here for another set or two, but instead…)
135x2 PR (was amped about this, plates have been a goal for a long time now)

3x12 (new goal --> 20 pullups)


cg rows

more foam rolling/stretching and done.

wanted to do more after the shoulder press, but i was so wired from the adrenalin (shaking and whatnot). decided to just get some reps in and call it a day…I have grappling tonight anyway.

todays food!

breakfast shake
sandwhich - wheat roll, chicken, turkey, swiss, tomatoes, lettuce, honey mustard
2 scoops protein
1 oz almonds
chicken burrito
shake #2

totals: 3,018 calories, 110 g fat, 215 g carb, 303 g protein, 20 g fiber

no training today or yesterday, and i’ve been eating like shit/not putting food into fitday, but heres a general idea of what ive been eating.

breakfast shake - 850 cal
basil, tomato, mozzarella sandwhich -400 cal
fries - 300 cal
cookies - 500 cal
1 peice tempura shrimp and 1 piece tempura broccoli -130 cal
sushi - 1/2 cali roll, 1/2 alaskan roll, 1/2 lobster roll, snow mountian roll - 830 cal

total: 3010 cal (not sure about breakdown but not very good)

So saturday and sunday i havnt done well eating wise at all.

Weighed myself today…came in at 159.8, exactly a pound heavier than i was last week. I will keep eating 3k cal/day from here on out until it stops working for me. Have to make sure i do it every day, not just monday-friday.