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Getting My 2nd Wind

I havent posted because work is getting
busy and been looking into selling the
business and buying a home!!

Plans are still up in the air.

Looking at what physique goals I have set myself in the
beginning of this year,
I have had 6 solid weeks of growth and have
maintained it ever since.
I’m still ahead from the beginning of the year yet not
as far as I would of liked to be.

I had an injury which forced me to stop lifting.

Its a working Progress!
I am happy with what is accomplished.

No! I didnt do everything that
I hoped to accomplish
but what is Different is that it hasent
dampen my spirits in going after what I want.
From the Beginning of this Year, the feeling is still the
same, Yes I still want the 6 pack and yes I want the 18"

I want that great feeling of setting the Goals
and not only meeting them but Smashing The Sh*t Out Of Them.

Now I am ready for another
round of stripping off more fat and going after
the remaining 5 inches around the waist.

What I Can do is obviously post more of the workouts and
journal online to keep track and also get feed back
from everyone.

More to come!

[quote]br1an wrote:

More to come!

Hey, you started a new thread! How’re you goin’ there, mate?