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Getting More Masculine, Facially?


Hey I was just wondering about posting it because i had this question from a long time. Bear with me it’s a little weird!

I’ve always wanted to be more handsome. I’ve noticed normal guys converting into very handsome by lifting and using roids or HGH. Do you guys think that a little dope could affect so much? What is it actually that makes men very handsome FACIALLY after lifting and using roids!


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Its proven that there is Androgen receptors in your facial skeleton so:

“By increasing BMP (Bone-Morphogenic-Protein) after acting on the Androgen Receptor (AR). It works in coordination with GH. DHT cuts down water retention, you will see more defined facial traits in people with higher DHT, such as cheekbones, chiseled jaw, and an overall “dry” looking face, no/little facial flush etc.”

Study findings from NCBI on effects of GH

“Children who received long-term GH replacement therapy showed increased growth of the craniofacial skeleton, especially the maxilla and ramus. These findings suggest that GH accelerates craniofacial development, which improves occlusion and the facial profile.”

So GH and Test:

  • Increases growth in jaw area
  • Defines face from less water

Whether or not these effects make someone more handsome is up to you as beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I cannot believe I just researched and compiled an answer to this.


And I can’t believe I just read all of it.


Once upon a time there was a guy on here that would talk about steroids like he was some sort of deeply educated dark arts master of mass building using these fantasy stacks of every type of dope under the sun. He would even recommend that people who could barely do a few push ups and were flat out raw noobs should do these mega stacks right from the get go.

Until he posted a video interview of himself for the BBC and it became clear almost instantly that he was just a drug dealer that didn’t mind wrecking peoples endocrine systems for a buck, and likely never touched a weight in his life.

His stated reason for using and “knowing” so much about drugs was that he wanted a stronger more masculine bone structure in his face.


Yes hormones affect the appearance of someones face, look at female bodybuilders while (and often after) using testosterone.

If you want a manly face use a low dose test with an AI and get your body fat down. if you’re holding water cut your carbs back.

That will be $50 thank you


hgh gives you a cromagnon eyebrow ridge and gaps between your teeth.


please don’t start taking steroids to try and change your face.

it won’t work.


I know it’s gonna shock u @zaztha but chicks actually dig a guy with value and personality. Regardless of looks… Once you understand this, it will either make or break u.

Getting onto steroids, hgh and other stuff might seem like the golden ticket but it’s guys like u that…

Fuck it. Do what want I’m sure your face will turn out real tough.

Also sitting on a vibrating platform will turn u into a skinny model…


Could try lengthening and thickening your jaw surgically…hear it does wonders for lengthening clavicles…


LMAO, that’s a good research to be honest


Was it bushidobadboy?




Chicks really dig long jaws with big buttclefts in them.