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Getting More Depth


Ideally im wanting to be able to have clear cut squat depth and just have the hamstrings touch the calves. My depth is ok , but i just want that rock bottom depth . I just dont know what i should be prioritizing in order to do that.

From watching myself and looking at this article (www.athleticdesign.se/athleti...1_english.html) im thinking it might be hamstring flexibility combined with lack of ankle dorsiflexion....but maybe not .

From practicing overhead squats with an empty bar i notice lumbar flexion seems to occur at a shallower depth than back or front squats.

Short video doing back, front and overheard squats :

If you have any ideas please let me know .

Or maybe its just one of those things where if your upper leg bones are much longer than your lower leg bone it makes it difficult to attain the depth you want ?


I just stretched my entire lower body and it worked great for my lumbar tuck under. Psoas, hamstrings, hips, calves, ankles. My back stays mostly straight with a slight tuck under at the very bottom, which works just fine for me even though I do go calves-to-hamstrings. From what I've learned, it's just a major turn under that causes problems, the slight tuck won't hurt you.


word bro, seriously you need to stretch. When you think you've stretched enough stretch again