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Getting Moody/Sick After Training


I’ve noticed that for the past few years I get extremely moody and irritable right after training. Additionally, I seem to get sick often when training regularly.

Does anyone know what causes this and how to address it?


Lack of nutrition.

What did you eat yesterday?


What is your training program? Could be one of many things:

You need a deload/small break/

Badly planned training/too much failure work

Your training requires more sleep as you progress

Mineral deficiency- take zinc or zma

Less sunlight at this time of year, -take a lot of d3


Maybe not right workout a good workout should have a slight euphoric afterwards. Why do you workout because you choose to , or in line of work were you have too pass a physical testing.


Hi Jay,

This is difficult to tell without asking a few questions. But my immediate thought is that you are over training.

A couple of questions:

How often to you train per week?

When is the last time you took at least 5 days off and did some active recovery?

Do you use variety during your workouts? Do you cross train?

Do you train heavy every workout. As in Benching one day Deadlifting the next and then Squatting. All done heavy with low reps?

What is your diet like? Do you eat balanced meals and drink a sufficient amount of water?

Are you feeling stress from work, or a relationship that is not going the way you’d like?

I saved the most important for last. Are you getting a solid 8 hours of sleep every night? Not once in a while but every single night, no less than 8 hours of sleep?

If you answer the above questions we might be able to nail it down for you.



I use to have the same problem. I found out that my glycemic reserves were depleted after my workouts.Directly after my You might try eating simple sugars or simple carbs just before your workout to give you some energy to start off your workout. Immediatly after your workout I would try eating a few oranges followed by whey protein isolate. This has helped me. I would also try to eat complex carbs earlier in the day which will help maintain your glycemic reserves through out the work out. Drink plenty of water prior to workout. Make sure your body has recovered from the previous work out, other wise you might be over training and your body simply has not restored/balanced its nitrogen levels. You might also check your macros to make sure you are getting enough protein/fat/carbs/Cal.


Or better yet, look ok into Peri Workout nutrition.

Proactive instead of reactive.