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Getting Married

I am about to get married in an hour or so to my girlfriend of 7 years. Originally she wanted to get all dressed up and me to wear a suit but now at the last minute she decided to be comfortable and wear jeans and sandals.

I jokingly told her I wanted to wear my TESTOSTERONE t-shirt, she gave it a moments thought and asked if I would wear something a bit nicer. I think she is a keeper. Very low maintenance.

My RED-KAT shirt is a bit dressier-just joking.

cough don’t do it cough
look at me, do i look happy frank?
Way to think it through buddy.

At least she sounds pretty cool. Good luck.

Congratulations, Sully’s! She does sound like a keeper. Best of luck to both of you.

Congratulations. The right person makes marriage the best part of your life.