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Getting Married


Well guys I will be getting married later this year. I haven't been around here much as of late, but thought I would share along with a few pictures.

This is me and the fiance at my cousins wedding earlier this year in Miami.

And Walkway, I love you bud, but if you ever find the right girl... I don't think marriage is so bad. I will let you know in the future haha.












Congrats. I'm going on 5 years married and it's the second best thing I've ever done. (The absolute best is becoming a Dad)

Just remember, if you put in the work you'll get back more than you put in.

May the Lord bless and keep both of you. GOOD LUCK.


Thank you sir =)


Congrats and good luck my friend!

I'm closing in on 8 years myself and DD hit it right on the head.


Congratulations big guy.


Many thanks to both of you!

I need the snow and ice to stop around here or I will be having makeup classes all day every day like today.


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Thank you and I won't argue with you there.

I scored one far above my league =).



Also, prenup.


Prenuptial agreement might work, but she has more money than me, a lot more. so yeah... lol


Congratulations! I've been hitched for 23 years, and it's still awesome. I love her big, blue eyes. You'll enjoy looking into them for a LONG time.


Thank you sir. As do I :wink:


Well in that case.....



Congrats man!


She is a school teacher. Just finished her EDD last May. Her dad owned a large trucking company and sold it splitting it with her and her older sister. I had no idea until recently when we bought a vacation house on Pickwick lake what her disposable cash was like.

From what she drives and her house, you'd never guess it.