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Getting Married, Getting My Sh!t In Gear


Title says it all. Got like 18/19 weeks to get myself sorted for it.just started training again.posted some stuff on here probs about a year ago and iv really done fuck all since then.

Will post some pics tomorrow and then every 2 weeks. Will also post workouts.

Need to keep myself accountable.


Pics are not very good.






Training wise I have just started last week and decided to go with SS with pull ups and dips every session.

Currant lifts:
Squat 60kg
DL 70kg
Bench 45kg
Press. 30kg

Not impressive by any means (actually downright embarrassing). Started with weights I felt really comfortable with so hopefully will see some good progress and see where it goes.kinda want to make a plan of how long I’ll be doing SS for but my goals are more physique based than strength, although I would like to get a lot stronger. So basically goals are:

  1. Drop enough fat that I look good enough for my honeymoon
    2.get a base level of strength to continue with after honeymoon

My activity levels at the minute are probably average, play football(soccer for the American guys) twice a week and walk a good bit most days. Diets pretty sloppy but will track that for the next week or two and post a rough day when I know better.

Gutting how much of a fat fuck iv become.

Anyway nil desperandum!!!


Keep after it man, 18 weeks huh congrats. Just getting the diet down pat will make a good difference.


Cheers scoots.aye 18 weeks,just have to be consistent and cut out the shit food and boozing.appreciate the encouragement.

Training today:

Squat - 20x8

Bench - 20x10

DL - 20x8

Dips - 8,8,8

Pull ups - 5,5,5

Decent day at the gym,everything felt good with reps in the tank for everything.tempting to push the envelope straight away but know that ut would just be cheating myself of progress down the line.


Training 24/01/2015:

Squat - 20x5/45x5/70x5/70x5/70x5

Press - 20x5/25x5/32.5x5/32.5x5/32.5x5

DL - 20x5/40x5/60x5/80x5

Dips - 9/9/8

Pull ups - 6/6/5

Was feeling pretty tired yesterday and basically everything felt quite heavy.

I’m quite interested in losing some fat during this whole process so if anyone wants to add some comments about how they go about dropping some I’m all ears.been recording what if been eating and basically my diet is shocking.need to tighten up on it.


Congratulations are in order first and foremost! Now in regards to your body fat, 18 weeks is plenty of time for a great transformation as long as you are willing to pay the price, and do the work. If you are simply trying to look your best for your wedding, cardio on your off days would be a great place to start. Nothing crazy, sprinting twice a week is always my go to when trying to spare muscle and shred body fat. Of course as you get you closer, and closer to that 18 week mark you can and will probably have to start adding in more sessions.

The number 1 key to a great transformation is a consistent diet. I would start with this, as this is a necessity when losing body fat and retaining muscle. I would actually hold off on the sprinting as long as you can, until your fat loss begins to stall. I suggest tracking your calories, and doing your best to eat as clean as possible. This along with some sprints, and hard lifting will be the best way to have you looking and feeling great for that honeymoon.


Thanks man. Aye that seems like the most practical thing to do,keeping a note of what Im eating day to day for the minute and will be reviewing in next week and make any changes that are required.


training 27/01/2015:

DL - 20x5/45x5/65x5/75x5/85x5

Bench - 20x5/40x5/52.5x5/52.5x5/52.5x5

Squat - 20x5/50x5/75x5/75x5/75x5

Dips - 10/10/10

Pull ups - 6/6/6

Had to switch up the order a bit as my gym only has the one squat rack and it was in use. Done some hammer curls after my last training day and its absolutely smoked my arms so the pull ups were real grinders. Its still painful now.


shovelling snow for 1 1/2 Hrs is conditioning, right?


[quote]Seaniebravo wrote:
shovelling snow for 1 1/2 Hrs is conditioning, right?[/quote]

Yup, conditions your mind and your body!!


Been pretty busy this week with work and college so haven’t had time to update on here. been keeping up with the training which is all that matters I suppose.

Training for 30/01/2015:

Squat - 20x5/40x5/60x5/80x5/80x5/80x5

Press - 20x5/25x5/35x5/35x5/35x5

DL - 20x5/40x5/70x5/90x5

Dips - 11/11/11

Pull ups - 6/5/4/2/1

was feeling really tired by the time it got to Pull ups.wondering if its maybe just because the workload on squats and deads is getting higher.funny though because I feel really good on the dips and could’ve kept knocking them out.

not weighed myself as yet and I’m not even sure if I will to be honest, can anyone suggest a reason why I should?


Training for 0/02/2015:

Sqaut - 20x5/40x5/65x5/85x5/85x5/85x5

Bench - 20x5/40x5/55x5/55x5/55x5

DL - 20x5/50x5/75x5/95x5

Dips - 12/12/12

Pull ups - 6/6/4/2

Felt HEAVY today. everything went up though so will keep at it. same thing again with pull ups, just going to plug at a rep total till I can smash it in 3 sets.


Training 03/02/15:

Squat - 20x5/40x5/70x5/90x5/90x5/90x5

Press - 20x5/30x5/37.5x5/37.5x5/37.5x5

DL - 20x5/40x5/60x5/80x5/100x5

Dips - 12/12/12

Pull ups - 6/5/4/2/1

Fatigued beyond belief yesterday…basically finished this session off, went home and had dinner then went to sleep.slight apin in my let knee when squating aswel, will have to monitor that.

anyone else followed Starting strength and could give me a heads up on how they progressed through the point where they had to reduce the weight jumps?


Hectic week last week so only trained on the Tuesday and Saturday .

training sat 07/02/15 :

Squat - 20x5/40x5/60x5/80x/95x5/95x5/95x5

Bench - 20x5/40x5/60x5/60x5/60x5

DL - 20x5/40x5/60x5/80x5/105x4 (gutted!)

Dips - 12/12/12

Pull ups - 5/5/5/3

disappointed with not getting the 5th rep on DL grip went halfway up the rep.using an overhand grip so will maybe alter it for my top set from now on. other than that felt good, last couple of reps on last set of squats where kinda grinders but were always going up so quite happy with it in general.

going to the gym later so will be updating this again later tonight.

also I had said I was going to post a pic two weeks after starting the log, well I took the pics at the two week point and I just didn’t feel like there was any point posting them as they look EXACTLY the same as the previous pics so will be posting them on a monthly basis.


the gym was fucking JAM PACKED tonight!!brutal.anyway…

training 10/02/15:

squat - 20x5/40x5/60x5/80x3/100x5/100x5/100x5

dips - 13/13/13

DL - 20x5/40x5/70x4/90x3/105x5

machine chest press - don’t even know.worked up to a heavy weight and then done 3 sets of 5 reps…couldn’t get a fucking sniff of a bench for either barbell or dumbbell.

hammer curls - 3 sets of 10 reps with 12.5kg DBs

totally brutal at the gym tonight.the pull up bar is also above the cable flye machine so guess what…CHEST CABLE CROSSOVERS 4EVA MUTHAFUCKAS!!!

quite enjoyed the curls so can’t really complain too much but it’s still fucks me off.