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Getting Lower Abs to Show?

So ive been working out for about 3 yrs now. Have a pretty big upper body ,But no matter How hard i work my abs i cant get my lower abs to show. Any suggestions?

Clean your diet up and train harder.

/end thread


I’m starting to think this comments are put purposely to see how foolish a t-member sample can be or just for fun/annoyance purposes.

Hint/tip #1: definition/separation is a function of bodyfat percentage.
2: Read something, 3 years and you talk like a beginner, ok you might be.

just lose body fat and maybe do weighted ab work to make the ab muscles bigger so they will “pop” out more

You don’t lose body fat, you loose it. Haven’t you read all the loosing bodyfat threads?

Yes of course body fat has to be thin enough for abs to show through. As far as actual exercises- that crunch machine that uses Olympic plates is awesome IMO. Also those “kneeling pulldowns” in front of the tricep stack.

bosu ball crunches

Diet! And while you’re at it hit the squat rack.