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Getting Letro Dosage Right

I want to run the letro protocol for reversing gyno, when I got my bottle I saw it was dosed at 1.25mg capsules. how should I go about getting the dosage right? Should i take 1 cap (1.25mg) every 2 days for a week, then 2caps (2.5mg) a day until symptoms go away? As for tapering off should I go 1.25mg every other day for say 5-7 days then 1 capsule every 3 days until my cycle ends?

2.5mg of letro per day without aromatizeable steroids is simply a bad idea.

I will be taking 500mg/ week of sust and 25mg/day of dbol starting feb 12th. but have read that I should start letro 2 weeks prier to starting a cycle. should I dose the letro every other day then or every third day? And should I keep each dose at 1.25mg?