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Getting lean

I have some questions (please forgive my bad English I’m from Spain):

I never took drug and trained 20 years sometimes hard sometimes less. But the last 3 years I did very well training 4-5 times a week. I had very good food intake with meat, fish and vegetables about 2000kcal/day. 6 days very low carb and 1 day refeed. I’m 40 yo and I had 82kg with 9% bf. I decided to take some drugs. So I changed my food to high carb and 3500kcal. It was a disaster. I gained 4kg I think fat and my bf was about 12%. This was 1 month before starting the stack.

After starting in December 14 with 250mg test-e/week and 2iu/day GH I gained 5kg more in 1 month. I think most of them water and fat. My bf went to 17%. In January I started to eat less. I choose to run UD2.0. With 250g protein and about 100g fat and carb on low kcal days and 800g carb on high kcal day and take more drug test-e 500mg/week and GH 4iu/day. But I’m not loosing any fat, 1kg in 3 weeks bf 16%. I’m gaining muscle and force but not losing fat. My goal is 85kg with bf near 5%. I’m running test from Iran and GH of Saizen. I thought to take t3 but unfortunately here in Spain there is no t3. Only t4. My questions are:

  • what have I to change to reach my goal? Food, drug, etc?
  • can I take t4? If yes how much of them?
  • after 1 month I did blood test. My test was by 1500, igf1 was doubled by 403. My estrogen was very low about 17. I have no side effects. Only good effects like more power, libido, smooth skin etc.
  • is it ok to make 4 days HIIT and 2 days weight training?

Thank you
Best wishes