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Getting lean

Need someone to give me some good advice on gaining muscle mass while losing fat. Is it advisable to do running if you do not want to compromise on losing muscle mass? I have been doing runs twice daily, about half an hour each and training abt thrice a week. I have been consuming quite a lot of protein with a moderate amount of carbohydrates, about once a day, like spaghetti or rice. At night, strictly nothing of this sort other than some fruits, but I control myself. Is this the right way of doing it? How does MD6 help if it curbs your appetite? Wouldn’t you lose mass if you reduce your food intake?

Gaining mass and losing fat are two separate goals. Unless you are very new to weight training and proper diet, you cannot hope to achieve both simultaneously. I suggest you focus your efforts on leaning out first, and then progress to putting on mass, as starting a bulking phase at a low bodyfat percentage usually leads to a better muscle to fat gain ratio. Use the search engine and read through “The Diet Manifesto,” “Foods that make you look good Nekid,”; in fact, read everything that you possibly can on this website! You came to the right place; people here are more than happy to help as long as you do your part by learning. Best of luck, and keep up posted on your results.

If you need to gain muscle AND lose fat I suggest that you read Meltdown training. It’s a tough mother circuit but from what I’ve heard it gets good results.

Very strict diet will definately help, what you have suggested sounds right just add a bit more protein. Do not use a thermogenic but t2 can help shed the fat while helping you retain that muscle. Meltdown training is great for what your looking for the hormone manipulation of the workout with an added prohormone and you should see results but slowly as both efforts take time by themselves.

I also believe that you should make losing weight and gaining mass two seperate goals. Doing these in two seperate phases keeps your body guessing on what its doing. In my experience on getting lean, after I got lean I gained about 5 pounds back in about a 3 week period and I didnt loose much defenition so I figured some was muscle and some water. I would do about 2 hours of intense cardio a week spread throughout the week. Make sure to get healthy fats from fish oils and natty peanut butter. On low carb or low protein diets you can lose some mass but the main reason people begin to lose alot of muscle mass is because they will starve their bodies when the diet begins to slow down. Dieting requires alot of patience and will power.

Appreciate all the advice bros. Few things I got to clarify though. I am not very sure about using MD6 yet. Does any of you happen to know how the product actually works? My goal at the moment is to lose fat while retaining as much muscle mass as possible. I have also read about the importance of the glycemic index of carbos. When my exams are over, I would be going into more intensive training whereby I would train twice a day, with the help of supplements like MD6, Tribex 500, Whey Protein and glutamine. Any advice on the effectiveness of Tribex and MD6?

Sam, MD6 is awesome. Read the “hot stuff” article at T-mag and you’ll understand why. I use it, my wife uses it, my training partner uses it and we all agree that it’s better than all the other stuff out there. It really zaps your cravings and speeds up your matabolism. Tribex is good too but if your main goal is fat loss you may want to spend the Tribex money on T2-Pro or low carb powder or something. BTW, are you keeping a food log? If not, start. There’s an article in T-mag about how to do it.

Running twice daily is not going to o you any favors. If you need to run I woul limit to 2 times a week and spend more time with the weights.