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Getting Lean...

Hi Guys,
I m a bit confused what to do.

I m working at the moment 3
Monday/upper body
Wednesday /Lower body
friday / whole body

normally i do 2-3 exercises for each body part
with 12 reps … i choose the weight so that i just about to reach the 12 reps.rest 1 minute between the sets.

but i m not getting the results i want.

so what i was wondering

a) if i might be better of doing 3 whole body workouts
(deadlift, Squat , bench press,row, militar press,
Bicep cule, dips)

  • monday moderate weight high reps 15-20 / 1 minute rest
  • wednesday heavy day low reps 8-10 / 1.5 minute rest
  • friday very heavy lower reps 4-6 / 2 minute rest

or b
Split it up onto 5 days a week each body part one day and work that part for one hour… pretty hard going thru the whole rep ranges? With compound moves and isolation move and so on.

thanks for any suggestions!

Take a look at destroying fat, it should put you on the right track. Also, if you aren’t seeing progress in getting lean, you might want to check your diet.

IF your only goal right now is to lean out; then it’s up to your rests in your workout and your diet.

shorter rests and less carbs, less calories, better carb timing.

for total body stuff: Riptoes Starting Strength

splits are splits; figure that out.

thanks guys.

looked for the book “Riptoes Starting Strength” but is all sold out or not availible couldnt find any articles on here …maybe a link for me?

splits are splits…mmhhh…guess by the end of the day it comes all back to a very good diet and a damm hard workout!

thanks for your replies i will crack on with it.

That’s really what it boils down to. I would suggest, though, using a rep scheme in the 8-10 range with heavier weight for awhile.

Otep made a nice thread, it’s here in the beginner’s forum somewhere. The book can be found here

thanks guys