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Getting Lean While Powerlifting?

So I�??m a 19 year old 1st year collegiate power lifter attending a rather unusual college. Not to name any names but let�??s just say that we eat in a mess hall and I wear a uniform. Anyway, I lift at the 242lb/110kg weight class and currently weigh in at 242 or a little below and I was looking at some tips as how to clean up my diet and get a little leaner while continuing to build strength.

The thing is though, is that I have such an active lifestyle that I am burning nearly 4500 calories a day at a minimum. With the way our meals work, 10 of us sit at a table together and each table in the hall gets the same amount of food. Sometimes this can be plenty for the table, other times we are fighting over the last morsel. Since I burn off so many calories a day, I pretty much have to eat as much as a can at every meal, regardless of what I am eating. When possible I try to eat healthy, but when the vegetables are steamed in mass quantity, they are not the most appetizing choices out there.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated and if this is to little information to work with I can fill-in whatever I missed here. Understand that there are opportunities for me to eat things that arnt on the daily menu, but that would involve extra time that I don�??t always have and would require spending money and we all know how terrible that is.
So here is the menu from a few days ago,

Breakfast - Scrambled eggs, Chicken Fried Steak, Biscuit.
Lunch - Lasagna, Garlic Bread, Iced Chocolate Brownie
Dinner - Spanish Chicken and Rice(practically rice with chicken juice), Cajun Shrimp, Banana Cake

Thanks in advance

If you’re gaining weight or not losing weight from the food you eat then you’re just going to have to eat less.

But I would advise cutting out all fast carbs especially. No brownies, no banana cake. See if people at the table don’t mind eating more of these while you eat more of the protein laden foods.

Yeah, going low carb(except when you train) and much higher fat in the diet seems to work pretty well. Maybe do some interval cardio on off days. A month of that and you’ll see great results and want to continue.