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Getting Lean For Summer

Well, I’ve been pretty skinny all my life. Two years ago I started lifting, and in that time I put on about 20kg of weight(some of that do to my age, this was from 15 then to 17 now, but I’ve pretty much stopped growing at 15, only added about 3-5cm). Currently, I am 187cm tall and 87kg (approximately 6’2", 190lbs), about 14% bodyfat.

Now, during this process of adding muscle, my abs have pretty much disapeared(slightly visible when flexed). Now, I’d like them back for summer. I’ve made some progress, but I want advice. I’ve been following Shugart’s Clean Mass Diet since it was posted, with a slight caloric deficit. For the lifting part it’s Waterbury’s 10x3 For Fat Loss, and his GPP hybrids as well as some hill sprints on off days.

For supplements, I’d love to get my hands on some HOT-ROX. Some will argue I’ll get results without supps, I’m saying I’ll get them faster with supps. However, being in Switzerland makes it very hard to get at Biotest supplements, as Biotest doesn’t ship here, and my parents wouldn’t be too happy to find a box of supplements in the mailbox, either. However, if I buy them in a store they won’t say anything. Now, is there any way for me to buy HOT-ROX, or do any of you recommend someting else?

Okay, that would be pretty much it, sorry for the long post. If anyone really wants to give advice and wants a picture, just say so and I’ll post one.