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Getting Lean and Humiliation


So this year I have let myself go. I have been a fucking slob (granted, I have gotten stronger and bigger but have mostly been a fat ass). I don't know what bodyfat I was at, but I do know now that I'm at around 16% (and I'm not jacked, so I'm headed down the path of skinnyfatdom). I'm fucking ashamed.

To get my head back where it should be, I decided I needed to set a goal and have a punishment if I don't succeed. I got my girlfriend to help with ideas for punishment. We came up with this:

I must get down to 10% bodyfat by Christmas eve otherwise I will have to wear not only a "Team Edward" shirt, but also, a wolf tail, and vampire fangs to school everyday for a week. To keep myself on track, I will check my bodyfat each friday nd if there isn't an improvement from the previous check, then I won't be allowed beer that saturday as my cheat.

thoughts? (and yes, for the record, I hate Twilight as any straight guy would)


Leading scientists say: to get shredded effectively, triple check bodyfat every
{ (current bodyfat*pi) / (tomorrow's estimated BMI/shoe size) } minutes.

Women do the same but need only to double check.
And so do you.


Jesus Christ, 16% is NOT FAT!

Fuck I hate the internet sometimes.


May not be fat, but I work as a personal trainer and people look to me as an example. I wasn't even dirty bulking...I was just eating shit because I felt like it. Its lazy and I don't want to live like that.


This post wreaks of pussy and douche.


I donno what I am but I would guess im like 12-14% in my avi. Is it possible you're higher than 16%? Or perhaps you hold yourself to high standards, which I think is great.

Anyways, have at it, but 16% isn't really all that shitty.


There are hundreds of bodybuilders that diet beyond that without any humiliating consequences to failure hanging over their heads, you can do it too. If your gf wants to help she can help you prep meals.


Wait, you have to lose about 6% in 3 months? Are you fucking serious? If you are any sort of trainer, and you CAN'T do that, you need to find another career.

Why is this a thread?


Just. Because.


It is what it is.

not looking for sympathy or comfort just thought it was entertaining.

Could be worse....I could be whining about my sex life or some shit lol


16% now equals "slob". Got it.

Not being able to diet down 6% when you are a "personal trainer" equals = ?


I could tell her "go make me a samich!"



Alright, alright. Lets make it 8%. thats cutting my bodyfat in half.

its not the 16% that equals "slob", its the lazy "don't give a fuck" attitude I had. not saying that anyone that is >16% is a slob.....but I can tell you that in my case I was.


This seems like a really ineffective way of reaching a goal. Have you had much success accomplishing goals in the past?


yes, for the most part.


I'm stubborn and making a bet like this causes my determination to kick

...it works for me


Did you use a similar approach?


Don't worry, I won't give you either of those.

Post pics..... (This is the first time I think I ever said this to a guy, but still)



but as of now it seems to have me "fired up"
see, my girlfriend thinks it would be terribly funny to see me come in at .01% over my goal and have to do humiliation...i just see this as a friendly competition, but I'm hell bent on not losing...I was the guy that got bent out of shape as a kid by losing checkers! lol


sure. It will be a couple of days...gotta borrow a camera