Getting Labs while on Cycle

I hope I can ask this here… I always read so much on these forums that help me in my own personal research. Anyways, Currently running my first cycle of deca. Only running 250 a week and 500 test. I’ve been on TRT for 3 years. Long story short I abused opioids after a knee surgery in my teen years and early twenties and assume that’s why my test levels were so low.

I have a good doctor that prescribes my test but he wants labs here and there and called to tell me he needs to see me in the next week. Getting test wouldn’t be an issue without him but I like having a legit script for it and he writes it for 200mlg a week so I’d rather not scare him off. My question is what are my numbers going to look like with my current cycle? Any help would be appreciated!!

Your TT/FT/E2 are all going to be very high. When you take your blood work the doc is going to know you’re not taking 200mg/wk. Also, 200mg/wk is very high for ‘most’ as a TRT dose.

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