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Getting Lab Work After Cycle. What to Tell Doctor?

Hey everyone, I’m a first timer and just started a cycle a week ago. I’ve been reading alot about getting lab work done when cycling… I’m doing a dbol/test e cycle and want to get labs. Before I call and set up an appointment, do I tell the doctor that I’m doing a cycle or just tell them I want labs done for personal reasons or what’s the best way to go about this? I’m sure they would be able to put it together when they see test levels and whatnot but I’m not sure how they might react to knowing I’m doing a steroid cycle. I’m not worried about telling them for a post cycle lab but during cycle will they give me any hassle about it?

Did you already have your pre cycle labs done by the same folks?

Bro what’s going on with your bicep in your picture?

Did you photo shop big biceps and just forget to do the rest?

Also how old are you?

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Well that’s another thing, I made a late decision on the lab work so didn’t do it before. But my main concern is making sure I am producing enough test on my own after the cycle.

Haha it’s also kinda a bad pic and it’s like 4 months old but I’m kinda disproportioned in some areas like my delts are small and my arms are pretty big. But I’m just gonna go ahead and take it as a compliment lol. And I’m 25

See the problem is you don’t know if you’re producing “enough” because that’s a relative term. Without pre cycle blood work you have no idea to what degree you’ve recovered post cycle.

And to answer your original question, just tell them you want a male hormone panel as well as the usual blood stuff (cholesterol, liver function, blood composition, et al).

Ya thats the spirit!

You need to figure out how to manipulate your training in order to compensate for the underdeveloped parts of your body. Your headed in a direction where if you don’t change it now your gonna look pretty goofy in another year especially with using steroids.


Yeah that’s where I screwed up by not getting pre cycle… But there’s gotta be a general range of levels I can go by right? And awesome, that’s what I’ll tell them then! Thanks

The range is so wide, that’s the issue. At 25 you want to be like 600+, unless of course you were previously 438 and had the right balance of e2, SHBG, etc and you felt great. It’s a guessing game without the data.

But yes, if you come back in the 300’s then that’s low and obvious. If you come back in the 800’s then that’s probably good. But in between it becomes trickier. Doesn’t matter now though. So just do your thing and when you’re done with pct you’ll get your results and that will be that.

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Ok cool. Will I want to wait until after the 4 weeks of nolva pct?

Wait until a few weeks after pct is done. Recovery is often nonlinear, so you’ll want some time being totally drug-free to get the most accurate reading.

You’re only a week in, you have the opportunity to do this right, and stop now. Let your body get back to normal, then run prelabs, then run a test only cycle (sounds like this is your first cycle).

If this is your first cycle, and you don’t have pre labs, you’re just asking for trouble. If any side effects or issues pop up, blood work won’t tell you how far off from your base levels you are.

IMO, and I’m still pretty new, so maybe others would disagree, but I think pre labs are the most important labs. The mid cycle and post cycle are great to confirm good gear, healthy levels, and confirm your natural production is back, but you can also “feel” that if everything is going well.

Once I start wanting to jerk off every damn day and have sex every night with my wife, I feel like I’m pretty recovered, and have used labs just to confirm.

The issue becomes if you have side effects. Go read some of the horror stories guys have gone through.

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I love watching train wrecks.

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I’m doing 500mg of test and 3 weeks of dbol, pretty sure I’ll be alright. My body has been through way worse, trust me on that. Thanks for your input though.

It wasn’t input, it was commentary.I just love these train wrecks. Yours seems to be mild, but it is a train wreck.

How do you know? You have no idea what you are in for fucking around with AAS, and not paying attention. Dbol, really?

Like I said, not input, just commentary. Let the train wreck.

I’m doing a cycle millions of people have done since the 60s… The chances are slim and that’s why I’ll be getting labs done afterwards to make sure everything is in check. For now I just want to stay away from anything you’ve been using because your kind of dbag. If you don’t wanna answer the question why do you feel the need to comment?

You posted in a public forums asking a dumbass question but then crying about stupid comments. LUL Stop crying and grow a sack, this is the internet.

Tell your Dr what you are doing. That will help to justify to him the ordering of expensive labs. Not to mention, he could/should know what to look out for. Do be careful though, your insurance may drop you or not cover it and your Dr may also prefer not to treat you if you are going to use drugs that are not prescribed.
If the Dr refuses, take it upon yourself to order your own labs. Just research what labs you should be ordering.
Looks like you just need cardio and diet, not AAS to be honest.

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Millions have done a test dbol cycle? Millions? Hyperbole.

Afterwards, dumb as fuck.

Not a douchebag at all, just love train wrecks like yours.

What was the question? About labs?

That just shows how ignorant you are about running a cycle that “millions” of others have run. If “millions” have run it, why are you asking questions here? Ask those “millions” instead of this forum.

Train wreck, lol.

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To be honest, it is not the end of the world if he doesnt have pre-cycle lab work. Could it be considered irresponsible, Sure. I would be more interested in seeing mid-cycle and post-cycle. Just to see the effects during and after. These are the types of posters I hope catch a case of that Flat Dick thats spreading through-out these forums.

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Bro the flag dick epidemic is nothing to joke about. I wake up every morning and measure the circumference of my penis due to how rapidly its spreading

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