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Getting Jacked


I am considering purchasing Jason Ferruggia's "How to Get Jacked" and would like to know if anyone has any feedback on the book and its methods. Is it worth buying? Thanks in advance for your responses.


I'd like to know more about this book as well. I would think it follows many of the Westside principles. It would be interesting to hear more about it.


Its a good solid book for a beginner or intermediate trainee. It's basically three total body workouts a week all while stuffing your face with as many calories as possible. He outlines everything pretty specifically.


I ordered it and completely forgot that I have the ebook on my hard drive. I don't think I ever took more than a quick read through it. I don't remember if it was because it didn't impress me or because I had such a sour taste in my mouth from the difficulties in ordering the book. I tend to think it was the ordering problems that turned me off.

I ordered one of the higher level packages with some bonus material and never received a thing. This is not a knock on Jason personally, I don't know the guy, but his business practices, which may even be run by a third party, leave something to be desired.

In summary, I guess I can't comment on the book itself, but I am offering a warning to those who decide to order. Save any and all credit card and order information. You may be in for an email battle to get what you paid for.


I didn't have any slip ups like that. That kinda stuff happens when items aren't coming from a big shipment company.

Anyway, I have the book and its worth getting it if you don't have it!


I got the book I liked it, it is basically heavy compund lifts 3X a week not very complicated or overly complex worth the money in my opinion but just dont expect some crazy in depth program it is just very basic.