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Getting It Right

Having read this site to death over the last 6 or so months my knowledge has increased exponentially and my gym progress with it. But still I have a problem grasping the clearly complex subject of steroids. Now I consider my self to be of at least average brain power and I still find my self bambozzeled.

Chemical names, street names, HcG, PCT, half-life, and all the abbreviations of stuff.

It just throws more things in the way of budding newbies and confuses the shit out of people. Then you vets complain when someone asks a stupid question.

Now don’t get me wrong guys I think you guys can be very helpful but I don’t tend to find alot of direct answers to direct questions. Granted there are some dicks out there that aren’t looking for an answer just someone to say “awesome stack dude, that will have you huge in no time!!” but that is crap for the rest of us who are trying to learn.

now I know there are some great articals on here by people like Cy Wilson (GOD), but they tend to deal with things like PCT on there own and not very much on how to incorporate it into a cycle.

My request is that people like Cy and you vets maybe get together and write a comprehensive guide incorporating all the angles.

Pre-requisite for starting a cycle and why.
steroids and there effects, street names and possible dosages.
HcG & PCT what, when and how.
after cycle training and eating.

And anything I may have missed.

just something that has all the stuff right there and then prehaps Newbies will stop posting stuff like “I’m 18, have done a weeks free pass at the gym and feel ready for my first cycle. how does 1000ml of deca and 3 dianabol a week sound??”

They can read the thread construct something themselfs and hopefully ask for critique on something sensible that might need a tweak and not an overhaul!

just think it might save you guys some time.

what do you think??

feel free to flame but say why too!


There sort of already is an article by Cy like that called “Steroids for Dummies” if I recall. That said, the article might be due for something of an update.

I’m not (yet) a veteran.
But AFAIK the topic, you are asking for a bible…

A huge job (and some authors already did it…AR, Rea…)

Get “Anabolics 2007” by William Llewellyn.

It has everything you just asked for.

Everyone has to start somewhere. That is usually at the beginning. And the beginning is way, way, way before even considering actually doing a cycle.

There is no short cut to knowledge of any sort. It took me a solid 6 months of reading before I figured I knew enough to even start thinking about doing a cycle.

I concur.

I must have done no less than 4 months of serious research, asked dozens of vets, and read up on countless cycles and individual gear before I thought I was finally ready for even the simplest of cycles (400mg Test Cyp, EW + 20mg dianabol ED). I don’t regret waiting that long at all. Hell, maybe I should have studied more. I’ve never had a problem keeping at least 80% of gains from any cycle thanks to the PCT and post-cycle work out routines I’ve come to learn. From a newbie’s point of view, I will agree it’s very frustrating asking a question and having someone with so much knowledge blow you off with the typical “ur too young!! just hit the gym and eat more!!” line. It’s the truth, but they’ll rarely listen. I think the safest approach would be to direct them towards a cycle with the least possible side-effects or LH supression.