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Getting It Right


OK first I want to thank everyone who has contributed the wealth of information on this site.
I am going to start my second cycle in a few weeks (after a poor and embarrassing first attempt)
I'm going for a 10 week and its going to look like this

500mg Test Cyp 250 a week 1cc twice a week
250mg Deca 250 a week .5cc twice a week.
40mg of Debol for the first 3 weeks
40mg of winni for the last 3 weeks
.5mg of Anastrozole a day
and a PCT of Anastrozole and HCG

I'm 39 220lbs and in they gym 4 nights a week. Any advice will be appreciated.


HCG should be used through the cycle, not for PCT. It is suppressive. Do 250 iu twice a week starting week 3 or 4. You should run Nolvadex for PCT, 40 mg a day for 2 weeks and 20 mg a day for 2 weeks starting 2 weeks after your last injection. You don't take Adex for PCT either.

Also .5mg of Adex every day is too much, start at .25mg EOD and see how you feel. If you start to get gyno or bloat, up the dose to .5mg EOD.


Good to know thanks!


any caber for prolactin levels?


Lol... I like that - "Debol" - isn't that the guy from the movie Next Friday?


In addition to what overstand said, you'll want to change your winny to the last three weeks of the cycle before pct, NOT the last three weeks you will be injecting. In other words, run the winny for the last week of test injection and the two weeks before pct where you aren't injecting anything. This will help you keep making further gains while your test level falls.


OK sound good so just so I have it right the last winny run the last 3 weeks of test usage.


Right. Last 3 weeks before PCT starts



And I recommend stopping the nadrolone 1 week before the test.

I highly recommend being prepared for the effects of elevated prolactin due to the deca. It can make recovery very difficult. And have the typical negative effects on libido. Not all are affected but its horrible if you are and dont have something to deal with it.

I also recommend frontloading the injectibles.


Yea I am already 39 I have a healthy libido but am concerned about "deca dick" I almost wanted to drop the deca and up my Test to 750mg a week. Any thought on that would be greatly appreciated.

As far as front loading do you think it will be OK at my age? I was already considering it just on the fence about it.


Yeah drop the deca and add to the test. Save deca for future cycles


And a front load at 39? I guess I can go for it, any one have an opinion on it?
I an swapping the Deca for more test gonna run 750mg a week.
Also will this resolve my prolactin issue as well?


Double the dose the first week, so 1500mg week 1. And yes, eliminating deca will eliminate any prolactin issues.