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Getting It Back

This is just a quick question to all of you that may have had to take a little time away from the gym for a while. I haven’t been lost for that long, had some other things to deal with in the last 9 months…
I’m just curious how long it took to get back to where you left off i.e. strength and size. I guess I’m just at a place where I’m really happy to be back in the gym again, but just disappointed about losing all the ground I worked so hard for (which i was expecting so…) Thanks in advance.

I’m in the same boat you are just took me longer it’s been about 2 years to get back hard core, it usually takes about 6 weeks to begin seeing noticable differences as far as strengh goes, it depends how hard you want to push yourself remeber it’s not overtrianing it’s outworking the otheer people

Well I took 9 months off and have been back at it for about 10 weeks or so now. I had a minor setback along the way (I had a minor tear of my LCL in my right knee) but all in all I’m not too far off at all from where I left off at this point. My squat is still way off (mainly due to the fact I’ve only been squatting again for about 4 weeks) but bench is over 90% of what it was and deadlift is still strong at more than 90% of what it was.

I have a hard time eating right when I’m not working out. They kind of go hand and hand for me, so I ended up gaining 32 lbs (up to 247), of which I’ve lost 19 (down around 228). I am going to start Red Bands next week and see how that goes. My goal is to be in good shape by my wedding at the beginning of September (and my bachelor party in Vegas two weeks before).

I joined a 24 hour gym and ork/life won’t interfere as much. I’ve started my workouts as late as 11:30PM which isn’t too fun when you have to work at 8am and don’t get home until 1am, but hey its what I have to do.

Thanks for the support guys and good luck to the both of you. I’m just trying to pace myself for the first couple of weeks (which is frustrating in itself). I was kind of expecting it to take me about 3 months to get back to where I was. Thanks again.