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Getting Into Powerlifting


As some of you may know from a recent post of mine in the beginners section, I am pretty weak. I would love to get into powerlifting seeing as I don't really care about look but more about being strong as hell.
So I guess my questions are;
How does one get into powerlifting,
and are there specific numbers one must be able to obtain on the individual lifts before this is even thinkable??


Ok, I'll admit, never been to a meet and whatnot but I don't think there's anything stopping you going and training for one (I cannot seem to find any where I live for one)

I'd say just go for it and do some GPP first before working on your overall strength


Getting into powerlifting is as easy as it sounds: find a meet, get a league card, send in the entry form, go to the competition.

If you can find some local powerlifters from the league you plan on entering and have them check your form out beforehand. It's not necessary, but will make things a lot easier for you at the competition.

Most National and International meets will have some sort of qualifying total required, but local meets rarely do. Contact the meet director and they can help you out with the details.