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Getting Into Power Pants


I got a new pair of power pants from Inzer at the size the guy on the phone told me to order. I have to say that the only way that I am getting into these things is if I jump off a 2 story building. I couldn't even get my crotch and the crotch of the pants to match up. Are they supposed to be like this?


Were you using suit slippers, plastic bags, talc or something along those lines?


No. I was just trying to put them on without the use of anything. I am new to gear (obviously) so how would you use the plastic bags to get them on? Thanks for your help


i had the same prboblem, #1 make sure your legs are cold or barely warm, and if you need to, get 3 people to help you het em on, some way or another, youll get the fuckers on. suit slippers rule too


Thanks for the info. I just got out of the shower last night and decided to try them on. Did not work at all. Funny, the people from Inzer told me to have about 3 people helping me to get these on. :slight_smile: