Getting into Position for Lumberjack Squats?

I love the lumberjack squat. I feel it in my abs, and get a solid pump in my quads all at the same time. But, I’m getting heavier with it, and safely getting the weight off the floor and into the rack position has turned into some jerking T-Bar clean type motion. I’d rather not blow out my back due to my inability to figure out the right way to get my arms under the bar.

What’s the proper way to get the barbell in the air and into the rack? Any advice?

*for those thinking just youtube it, I’m currently operating in an area of the world where all online videos are blocked.

I’m not sure you should be doing this with weight that gives you injury concerns but if that’s what you are doing then I would start it exactly as Martins Licis starts his Steinborn Rockover:

The weight I’m squatting doesn’t concern me. My herky jerky method of picking it off the ground concerns me. Once I’m standing upright, squatting it is fine.

Any chance you could describe the video? As I mention above, all online videos are blocked for me.

Hopefully this makes sense as an image:


Sweet, I can see that! And now I don’t feel so crazy about how I’ve been getting the weight off the ground. I’ve been using a similar two step process to get under it. Not as refined, and I’ll definitely aim for something closer to this moving forward. Thank you so much!

I just want a mini version of that sexy globe bar!

John Rusin has a pretty good method:

OP if you cant see this, JR has a box/stool at or just below the bottom of the squat, then he just squats it up no clean necessary

Ohh, I like that idea too. Thanks Coach, and Burnur for translating the video for me!