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Getting into Ketosis/Fatty Acids

“…other factor in developing ketosis is the how much free fatty acids are available to burn.”

Yes, not the best way to cut up but it’s to get myself into a proper weight class for fighting. I plan on cutting out carbs for a week or so.

Here’s the question, the quote above was talking about the time it takes to get into ketosis is based on a few things, depleting the liver, etc. When it talks about free fatty acids what exactly do they mean. I take my fish oil everyday, does that contribute to it? Thanks.

Plasma free fatty acids (FFA) refer to the triglycerides that are broken down (i.e. lipolysis) from from body fat stores.

This statement does not refer to dietary fats, per se.

If you’re following a strict ketogenic diet or low-carb diet, FFA should be readily available, as lipolysis should not be inhibited.

Will a fight be following this? Timbo is it a good idea to go no carb with an fight in the near future?

RS, great question.

I would not suggest going into a fight in a state of energy depletion (i.e. muscle glycogen and intramuscular triglyceride stores). This will definitely result in decreased performance.

At least two days (or more) of high carbs, even after only a week of no-carb dieting, will be necessary to replenish muscle glycogen.