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Getting Into Bull Riding


So, probably the weirdest question I've ever asked on this website, lol. Does anyone know anything about amateur bull riding and how to get into it?

It's something I've been thinking about for a while. Kinda like a bucket list thing. Just something I want to be able to say I did.

I looked online, and all I could really find looked like it was more for like people looking to do it professionally. Is it even possible to do it as a one time, amateur thing anymore (with everyone so sue happy)?


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I supposed you're so excited to do this, that you didn't even remember to ask how to find one of these fine pieces of entertainment. So, I'll assume that you asked the question.

There is several ways, you can look in your local paper. When rodeos come into town they advertise so they can get people to come in and pay to watch. People that go to rodeos also listen to Country and Western, so listen to your local C&W station.

You're going to need the proper clothes for this adventure of yours, so when you go to your local western store to get your drugstore cowboy on ask the clerk there, and unless they're a fellow drugstore cowboy they should have some information on upcoming rodeos and local places you can take a bull for a ride. Tell them you're looking for somewhere you can ride as an amateur, preferably in the amateur circuit, as I don't think you wanna "kick the bucket" on a stud bull in front of 10,000 people.

As well, if you have any Indian Reservations near by, you can see if you can get in on their amateur circuits.


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Does California even have rodeos?


Of course it does. My grandfather was born and raised here and was a champion bullrider and one of the best trick riders in the world in his day.



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Ah I totally want to do the exact same thing. Can't wait to go bullriding. I'm not 100% sure on this, but my cousins in Texas said one of the bars in San Antonio every Saturday night brought a bull out to have people attempt to ride. We were going to hit the bar so I could hop on but I left that morning, however I'm heading there in a few weeks so I might try then.


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Actually I did bull riding when I was younger. Alot of South Texas guys have. Its probably easier to do here than where you are since...well hell seeing a bull or horse walking down the road is the norm. Like someone mentioned, check with some local smaller towns and find an owner who may be willing to allow you the opportunity. Or like tyrant said, some bars actually have a bull riding night that allows the public the chance to ride. Good luck man. Its sucks as hell but it makes a man a bad ass.


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There are bull riding camps. Give you some experience on a bull and I would think they would have the sort of information you are looking for.


My brother had the hookup with a cowboy church outside of Fort Worth where they had bulls to ride every thursday for just $10. I decided I was gonna give it a go and I can truly ay that I have never experienced a greater adrenaline rush than that 2 seconds.

They said I was 'too big' to ride the beginner bull so they threw me onto the more advanced bull. I'm pretty sure they just wanted a good laugh though. I got thrown off and ended up not landing right and pulled a muscle in my back, which kinda sucked but I knew what I was getting into.

While I'm home for Christmas I think I'm gonna give it another go. Hopefully get a full 4 seconds this time?


What is the name of said church? Might look it up next time in Texas.


If I remember right it was the Ellis County Cowboy Church


cool, thanks