Getting Into Boxing

the past few months ive wanted to get into boxing and actaully thinking i could be aboxer…i ve got the will and determination and heart for it. Im a basketball player and i train hard and push myself everyday especially in lifting, and then conditioning in the gym and then skill workouts, like jumpshooting.

i seriously think i could do it with hardwork and determintaion… the only thing is im 17 and havent been in a actauly fight since like elementary -and it wasnt even a real serious fight. i feel i would have to maybe be brought into taking hard hits slowly and then from there… get into the harder intese sparring and such.

what do all of you think? if i got the determination, will, heart and work ethic… think i could do it? or is there no chance for me? i’m about 6’2’’ and i weight 176 lbs, i’m pretty strong and keep myself in good condition all the time since i play basketball and train so much. tell me your thoughts.

Look up boxing clubs in your area. It will probably cost more than any membership to a regular health club, but if that’s what you want to do then do it. They’ll have weights and other equipment that will most likely suffice and who knows you may flourish in a different environment.

The only warning I have for you is your height, it can work against you in boxing if you’re too light. Make it happen if you can, it won’t be fun and don’t worry so much about taking a punch. Man up!

I’m a boxer.

If you think your in shape, take a boxing class man, youll be AMAZED at the level of cardiovascular fitness us boxers have.

Some tips for you:

  1. Look for a school, by the instructors fight history and his students fight history. You dont want to be tought by someone who lost all his fights, nor do you want to be tought by someone whos never trained a a fighter with a good win/loss ratio.

2)do all your HIIT with your mouthgard in. This is often overlooked, it helps a lot come ring time when your used to impared breathing.

3)buy a punching bag, but dont get a wavemaster! hehe

You are definitely not too old at all for the sweet science. Keep your hands up and protect yourself at all times!!!

so it will be alright if i have to get brought into taking hard hits?.. just for the fact that i am not a big street fighter always gettin in fights and such. i have been punched hard right in the grill before…ahah… but its been a while. i guess another thing is work on my defense enough to not get hit…ahah… but is this something that i could be brought into a little slower at a local boxing school?

Being able to streetfight has very little to do with boxing. And any good club/coach won’t let you spar for a while anyways. Boxing is a skill sport and you learn the skills gradually. It is more intense than basketball and most sports for that matter. But you are the perfect age to learn it. Do it, I wish I did when I was that age. Just don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t lift as well. Do a ‘strength’ oriented program from this site. Just my 2 cents.

Brad said it right…street fighting or bar brawls are not even in the same neighborhood as boxing. Work on getting your center of gravity lower, (hard to explain, but you’ll learn) and the only other advice is cardio, cardio, and even more cardio.


Boxing is a sport don’t confuse it for something else. You can definitely APPLY skills learned for the ring to self defense/fighting but notice the empahsis on ‘apply’. It would be a secondary area of study and adaptation.

It is a very enjoyable sport or recreation. The condition aspects are awesome. And after a bad day at work, there something so freeing about gloving up and taking it to a bag.

[quote]prophetman wrote:

2)do all your HIIT with your mouthgard in. This is often overlooked, it helps a lot come ring time when your used to impared breathing.


SOOOO very true. You’ll realize soon how you almost need to re-learn breathing with a mouthguard in.

I boxed some. A couple one year stints. I’ve always wondered what muscle fibers are involved in repetitive punching. The repetitions can be very high. The speed is always high. It is explosive. Any thoughts?


Most towns have a P.A.L.s (police activity league) gym in diffrent neighborhoods. Sometimes they are free of charge so that kids will get off the streets. Other places are not that expensive. I pay just $10 a month for the place that I train at.

Christ - most gyms I know of are mega expensive - mine is 80 bucks a month, but includes membership to a full-fledged gym as part of that price so maybe not so bad. Others I know of charge huge amounts based on lessons. One place charges 100 per month club fees.

not cheap by my standards

the closer you live to the hood the cheaper it is. (seriously)

I pay 20 bucks a month for my boxing club and its good shit.

dl- boxin’ 101

Thats great your getting into boxing…I didnt get into boxing until I was 18 and I am almost 20… Boxing is tough work and takes alot of determination. It is alot of fun though and basically take over your life.

Try to find a good gym and then you can start doing osme novice bouts, I competed in golden gloves after only about 4 months of training and I did pretty well.

Good luck and let us know about your progress.

i did mma like grappling and boxing for about 3 months before the gym got too expensive and i had to stop…just prepare to get hit alot…its gonna hurt…but thats the only way to learn…if your tough enough youll make it through

Start training and tell your trainer about your goals.