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Getting Into Boxing

Hey I’m very interested in getting into boxing. I basically have no experience other than me and my buddies boxing each other in my friends backyard. I was just wondering what are some things I can do to get ready until I can start going to an actual gym.(I’ll probally be joing a gym when my rugby season is over). If you know of any exercises or just any info in general please let me know thanks

Well, you could start by getting good with a jump rope. That’s bout all I can offer though I’m sure some other people will help you out a lil more.

ok thanks i love it right now so thats good.

Until you can join a good gym, I would concentrate on running,jumping rope, and core exercizes.

But definitely find a good gym, There’s no substitute for good practical instruction. You’ll find out after a few sparring sessions wether or not it’s really your cup of tea.

yea I know I enjoy it. Thats probally the reason I fought so much as a kid,lol, but yea from what you guys have been saying I think I’m on the right track. so I’ll keep at it, thanks again

Well this training routine has helped condition me for my MMA fights, I have picked up different routines from my Shotokan and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu trainings and modified them into 20 minites of pure training here goes:

Start the routine at time 0:00.
Circuit lasts 75 seconds (ending at 1:15).
Rest 45 seconds (until 2:00).
Begin second pass through circuit at 2:00.

  1. Pull-ups x 5
    2)Medicine Ball Slams x 10
    3)Burpees x 15
    4)Jumping Jacks x 20

Perform each movement as fast as possible. Move from one exercise to the next without stopping.

I hope this routine is helpful to you and if you have any questions feel free to ask on forum or PM. Thanks and train hard !