Getting Into Bodybuilding

Hey my names Nick and i’m new to this site but I really like it. I powerlifted for a while until I seriously injured my back in football. Now I am getting into bodybuilding with the help of some bodybuilders that I know.

If anyone has any kind of tips for me on diet, training, or competitions to start, I would be very thankful.

I’m am currently trying to drop my BF% down so I can see my weaknesses. I take in about 80 G’s of carbs and fat, and 250-300 G’s of protein. My carbs consist of oatmeal in the morning, and bread or brown rice cakes around noon.

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To get better answers you have to ask better questions though!


In general,

Work hard, eat right, read ALOT, keep motivated, and dont risk getting injured…

Vague I know, more specific questions equals more specific answers