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Getting Inside Davies' Head


With my rant in Searching for John Davies
http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=735665&pageNo=1#736368 out of the way, I'd like to ask anyone what they think the best way to get some exposure into Davies' mind, methodology etc. I wouldn't be complaining if John himself could post either!

I'm not training for a sport per se, so I'm not sure if Renegade Training for Football would be what I'm looking for.. perhaps The Mark of R or Xtreme Sports Training. Maybe one hasn't been written yet.

Anyone have any recommendations?
Even materials that aren't necessarily 'Renegade Training' would be cool if they're in the same league.
I've tried to read most of the articles here and on his site, but it'd be good to hear which articles others have found useful.



Well...you could ask if you like : )

In my opinion the best book I've published that suits your needs would be "Mark of R".

Also our DVD library definately give you an clear cut insight into how we train.

Heading off line for the evening - but I'll take care of them early in the morning.

In faith,



John Davies, are you Tyler Durden of Fight Club reincarnated?


Tyler never really died in the physical sense, so he's probably Tyler incarnate.

John is't here. John went away. John gone.


Got my solid 4 hours or so of sleep and I'm back from the crypt.

In faith,



Coach Davies,

Since you've mentioned sleep (4 hours), what are your ideas on recovery from training/competing? (I'm guessing you don't have a ridged routine.)

I would also recommend going through the articles on the Renegade Training website (I've just recently started going through these articles.) One other website I like is by Jamie Hale, his methods are similar to parts of Renegade Training.