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Getting Inked


My first tattoo is going to be a design of an open book. To me, this will symbolize knowledge and enlightenment, which I'm constantly seeking. It's also a metaphor for life. We turn the page from one stage in our lives to the next. We turn pages daily, sometimes. We're always in suspense about what's to come.

I've got a few sketches on paper, but, frankly, they suck. There's only so much you can do with an open book, but I still want it to look cool. Any ideas/designs? Keep it in this thread or shoot me a PM, if you're so inclined.


Add an eagle eating a snake and holding the book in its talons and you're set.


are you in Edmonton or calgary, I forget? If the latter, is Smiling Budda still there, if so, they'll draw up anything you could imagine.


Uh, no, that would be CGB. I told you this was causing problems, Craig. First it was those, ahem, pictures that 'Cake sent to me instead of you. Now this.


This a little bit off topic, but it's still relevant. Once you've come up with a design you like, wait a year. If it still seems like a good idea then, go ahead and get it done. Ane be prepared. Once you get one, you'll be wanting to get another.


that's not the first time I've made this mistake either ...sorry man.


How large and where are you planning on putting it?


12 inches and anywhere you want baby.


It's going on my lower back, right side. Size depends on the particular design I settle on, although it won't be all that big.

In the future, I'll get the Chinese symbols for "enigma" and "profound." and stop there. I hope it doesn't become that addictive. But, anyway, every tattoo will have personal meaning to me. It's not going to be your typical tribal band here, cross there. Very boring.


OH MY GOD StevenF! You were supposed to send that in a PM to me, dammit! Now everyone knows....

I have to admit few things have made me burst wide out with cackles, but that did it. Good job!

CMC: Any particular reason for that placement? Just curious. I'd also agree with the "pick a design and then wait a year" thing. Unless, of course, you've thought about this for a very, very long time already.


Why was it so funny? I was talking about the tattoo I'm going to get. Some people, I swear. :wink:


I figure it won't get distorted in that spot. It'd be risky to put it on my arms and I'm not really a navel type of guy.


I'd recommend not getting the Chinese signs for enigma and whatnot, because all that crap is fucking annoying and everybody seems to look like the menu in a Chinese restaurant.
Stick with the original, and pretty cool, idea that you already have, and only add more when you get good ideas for it.



Get it on your shoulder blade then. It's more of a manly spot. when I think lower back, I think of all the hoochies who have that vine or whatever on their lower back right above the crack.


Once you start, it's tough to stop.


Yeah, if you're going to get a Chinese writing tattoo, and you aren't chinese, then that would not be cool. Be original, draw up your own tattoos. What I do is, I draw a word and scramble all the letters together. It resembles one of those kanji words, but its just an english word all mixed up. I donno if I'll ever get inked, but if I do it'd have to be big, like 12 inches, anywhere ~karma~ wants it to be.


Just got #3...and my next one is planned out.

Just like Crack.

Only, WAY more painful.

"It [giving birth] was easier than having a tattoo."

~ Nicole Appleton


I don't think the shoulder blade is a good place for a guy to get a tattoo. I think that is a more feminine spot.

Sorry, that is my opinion.


I got a character in japanese. I'm only an eighth japanese. But down the line of my ancestors, was samurai. I've always admired the culture... so I got "integrity" tat'd on my stomach.

So far it's my only one... I'd have a lot more if I had the money.


Also be aware: The closer you put the tatoo to a bone, the more painful it's going to be. And beware of intricate detail. Over the years, the tat will fade, leaving you with a blob that looks like melanoma.