Getting Initial 1rm's

I’m getting ready to start the Triple Total Training routine, and was wondering if anyone had an idea what I should do to get a starting point for my 1rm. I know the usual pick a weight and perform as many as possible, but more wondering if there is a routine I should do for a couple of weeks before I test for my max.


You could test for your maxes before starting the program. Or you can use one of those calculators to figure out what your 1RM is based on how many repetitions you can get with a certain weight.

A friend of mine has one on his web site. Check it out at

One way to test for your 1RM is the following:
Perform 5 sets of 5,4,3,2 and 1 rep, progressively adding more weight with each set. This will teach the body to determine its 1RM. When you get to that 1 rep set the body will be ready for it. Hope this helps.