Getting increased dose, how did you ask?

I am prescribed 200mg test cypionate for self inject every two weeks.

I personally feel pretty good for the first week at this dose, but the second week sucks.

The doc is stuck in the mind set that injections should be no sooner than every 2 weeks.
But I switched myself to 100mg every week anyways, just so that it is dosed a bit more evenly.

The problem is, I am not getting the noticeable increase in energy like the 200mg/first week gave me. I would really like to try 150-200mg per-week.

How did the conversation go when you asked for a higher dose?

“Doc, get a fucking clue on TRT and prescribe me the correct dosage”, or something across those lines I guess…

200/wk is probably getting you above the “normal” range, so yeah, you’re going to feel “good” on that. You made a good decision to inject more frequently. This is good. Most guys are right on the money with 100mg/wk, divided into 2 injections per week (meaning 50mg and 50mg). Your doc probably isn’t going to prescribe more unless your bloodwork shows you aren’t in the normal range with 100/wk. You need to know that there are adverse effects from too much T long-term, so you need to be careful.

Read the protocol for injections sticky.