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Getting in the Zone


I was looking for some tips that would help me getting in to the mental zone for some big lifting. Right now I listen to loud blaring metal and try to focus. What are some of the steps y'all do to get in the mind set to move mountains?


well, do NOT do all that freaky ass screaming and punching walls and throwin shit before you attempt the lift. I found that all it does is just make you tired. I actually just stare at the weight, just staring nothing else. After about 20 seconds while playing the right my blood just fucking BOILS and i almost everytime destroy the weight. Try this, and try the song Down From the Sky by Trivium. The breakdown about two minutes in right before the solo makes me want to stomp a litter of children to the ground


I just do a bit of a visualization. Go through the whole lift in your mind, how your muscles will feel, how you will respond when the weight stops moving (keep pushing, duh). It will prepare your mind when your body is going auto pilot.


Yeah I use to use a lot of visualization and but I think I became too dependent on loud blaring metal songs to get me in the mood and in a USAPL meet when the time comes there is no music when you on the platform. I need to learn to channel the interwarrior kind of thing you know. I will try the visualization


Personally, I prefer it to be quiet. I like to concentrate on planning what my muscles are going to do and getting everything tight. I used to lift with this kid who was all about saying stuff and doing crazy things to get pumped up, and he was always asking me what was bothering me because I'm usually pretty quiet.


I visualize the lift successfully over and over again then I quiet my mind. For me seeing perfect form is key not giving myself endless verbal queues. Then moments before the lift I try to think of nothing at all, completely quiet my mind -- this is probably what the metal is doing for you, making it impossible to think. Then I just ask my body to perform the lift. I don't get critical or try to make myself do this or that, I just ask for my best almost in a 3rd person type of way.

You should look into the book "Inner game of tennis".


I just show up. My best lifting days often coincide with other gym members being in the zone and just concentrating on their own training.

I also prefer quiet concentration to loud thumping music.


I prefer a physical trigger. I do toe taps before all my heavy movements. Picked it up playing soccer (knocking dirt out of your cleats before running onto the field) and started involuntarily doing it in the gym.


tyrosine, 200mg caffeine, and beta alanine to give you dat tingle ingle.

also play some 2pac, guns by my side.


I like music while training, but when I really need to focus, I can't wear my ipod.


drink from my can of monster, have droid playing (kick ass band check them out if u truly like metal), then i like to slap myself and scream a bit hehe


I don't know anything about USAPL meets, but if their is no music, train regularly with no music. Its best to have your training environment as close to your environment at competition time.

Where I train, there's no mirrors or music, since there is no visual feedback or music in IWF sactioned meets.

This, combined with whatever mental process you need to get in the zone, will ensure success.


Good call on the mirrors. I rely on mirrors for squatting, and I appreciate them for deadlifting too. I should try training without the mirror.


Focus. Have a routine you do before a heavy lift, and do it every time.
If you look at the bar, DO NOT look at the plates, particularly if it's heavy. If you spend a couple of minutes looking at a PR weight you really are risking psyching yourself out. Stare at the middle of the bar and think of it as an empty bar.
Try to have an empty mind, or completely angry. Whatever works for you. The important thing is not to be thinking about a lot of things at once. You have to have a routine and consistent form so you can switch off worrying about technique. The routine is important for this; it gets you doing the lift the same way without thinking about it at all.


Like has been said above... Stare down the bar (I usually focus on the centre strip of Knurl) and just focus on how the lift will go in my head. By the time I actually do the lift, I've already done it several times in my head, and it just feels like another go at it.


Yeah I do it exactly the same. I stare at the centre knurling, or at least visualize it lol. I find it a lot easier to pump myself up when the bar is eye level in a squat rack than on the floor for DL's. Then I close my eyes and concentrate on the lift, run through it a couple of times in my head feeling each individual muscle contract. By then my heart is starting to pump, my breathing speeds up, and I'm in the zone.

But that only works for lifting. Trying to figure out something for playing rugby still. Maybe a pump up before scrums kinda thing (I'm a prop if anyone plays rugby).


The Haka! Hahaha

Anybody not remember what they do for a pump up? I get in the zone, and the only thing I remember is seeing my wide angry eyes in the mirror... nothing else. (Well, sometimes the concentric portion of the single.) I don't know, maybe I'm wierd.


Personally I just clear my head, think of nothing. When I feel ready I go. I'm boring as hell.


Don't think, just do.