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Getting In Shape

I play football at a college level and gained 40 lbs since the end of the season. Now that we have started to condition again i am way out of shape and my weight gain dosnt help. anybody have good ideas on how i can get back into shape quickly.

Hmm my first post here. Anyway, have a look through some of the training articles for a program to suit your goals. My personal fav at the moment is The Running Man, has worked well for me. Combine a good program with clean eating and you should be on your way.

Are you looking to LOSE those 40 lbs? If so, I recon your best bet is to get on a good “diet” (I hate to use that word because it has such horrible connotations and misconceptions… I prefer “healthy eating habits”, anyhoo). I recon if you are playing football at a college level and if the program is anything resembling something respectable, your physical activities should get you in shape all in good time. Afterall, it IS called conditioning.

If not, and you feel like you have extra energy outside of practice/conditioning, pair some aerobic + heavy lifting. Don’t overtrain though.

A generic habit I like to tell people looking to lose weight is to eat a generous healthy breakfast (oatmeal + natural PB or berries and/or a shake does it for me); a medium lunch, a small dinner, and healthy snacks (read: HEALTHY such as protein shakes) in between. And if you are concerned about losing muscles, drink Grow! before bed.

There really isn’t enough info here to give you any specifics.

More info needed would be like: have you been lifting? If so, how long? How experienced are you? What position are you playing? What is your weight? What is your goal? Getting “in shape” is fairly vague… better define it. What program is your coach having you do? How do you feel after/before practices? How is your current eating habit?