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getting in shape

I need to get in shape for rugby then football. I am in the middle of a rugby season right now. We practice 3 times a week. Every practice we run to get in shape. And every time people lap me . Everyone else is progressing much faster than I am even though I wasnt in great shape to begin with. after rugby season football training will begin in the summer?

How many times a week to i have to run to get in shape do i have to run up to 5 times a week?
What type of running hiit or cardio or should i mix it up?
is there any other factors involved?

go to the FAQ and check out some workouts for athletes, they have a bunch of them there. Start with that, if there is nothing there do a search and type in running, im sure a million thing will come up. Peace

try reading these article which should help…“The Winning Formula” by John Berardi and “The Running Man” by Christian Thibeadeau. “The Running Man” article will be of particular interest because it incorporates alot of energy system work, which is VERY specific to sports such as Rugby and Football.