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Getting in Shape for the ADF reserves

Hi all,

I am thinking about joing the Navy reserves as a Clearance Diver and I need to get into shape before I can think about applying.

I am a 31yo Male , 81 Kg’s approx 20%bf (bad I know!)

Any tips on what may be an appropriate program to shed some fat and gain fitness?

I was thinking Meltdown but it’s kind of gym unfriendly or at least mine. Chins at the other end of the gym as the squat racks etc.

Am I better off following a more traditional weight training setup and adding some roadwork etc.

Hi, TheBow. Great goal you’ve got!!!

I’d break it down to what it’s going to take you to get accepted and do your job and also take a look at your weak points.

Never having been a clearnce diver, nonetheless, I’d think cardiovascular fitness would be a must. So be sure to include at least (but no more than) four High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions. Just do a search on the www.t-mag.com search engine, which will search past articles. HIIT will also help you achieve your lower BF goals.

Second, I’d go for all-out strength. Do a search for Joel Marion’s Ripped, Rugged & Dense 5x5 program. The heck with looks and size you need maximal strength in the larger “basic” movements; i.e., compound multi-joint exercises like deadlifts, squats, overhead presses of any description, pullups, bench presses, bent-over rows and the likes.

Third, learn and incorporate some of the Olympic lifts. You’ll build explosive speed as well as strength.

Fourth, your weight-bearing/training program will only complement your body recompositioning goals. I’m not sure I’d go for really, really low BF percentages if I wanted to be a diver. You’ll definitely benefit from some more insulation. However, droping to 10% BF will make you lean and mean and quicker on your feet. Advice? Do a search through the articles for Berardi and read anything and everything the man’s ever written. You couldn’t put your trust in a better, more knowledgable person.

Finally, as it relates to your weak points, you’ll have to do a self-assesment. From there do a search and prioritize those exercises which will strengthen your weak points.

Good luck to you!!!

Tampa-Terry Thanks for the advice

I think I am going to take your reccomendation and go the 5x5 + cardio. I don’t need to stip fat of for a competition and body building is not really my main aim.

10% is pretty much the target I am going for and since I am 20% now I should look a lot better than I do now regardless of what training method.

5x5 alternating with Interval swimming and roadwork should give me a quite a boost in fitness.

I think my 2 fat dogs can use a bit of roadwork too

Try this. Use The United States Navy Seals Workout Guide by Command Master Chief Dennis Chalker. “Chief” Chalker has been there and done that. This program will get you into the kind of shape necessary to endure “Hell Week”. I wish this book had been around when I needed it. You might also want to read his book titled “Hell Week”.
Best of Luck.