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Getting in Shape for Spring Break!


Hey guys, I'm wondering if you can help me get in shape for spring break. i work out on and off. I have never really stuck to a routine but I'm heading to Cancun in about 10 weeks with my frat and this one girl that i am into is coming along with her sorority.

i have put on a bit of weight this past semester in college. I'm not obese or anything but i am not ripped by any means. i don't have a current picture of myself on hand but my current body looks a lot like Kareem Guirguis in his before pictures (winner of the T-Nation Inferno Challenge).


Apparently he got those results in 10 weeks which would be a dream come true if I could pull off a similar transformation. Honestly though, I don't even believe that his transformation was in only 10 weeks. that's way too good to be true.

I'm not trying to build crazy amounts of muscle in just 10 weeks but I want as much of a change as possible in that much time so i don't look like a fatass. I don't want to do p90x or some shit like that either. I would much rather follow a routine from this site and go off the advice of all of you.

I'm 6'1, 190. Would like to be a leaner, more muscular, 175 or 180 in 10 weeks. I am not expecting to be super ripped or super big but I would like to make as drastic of a change as possible in 10 weeks. I don't want to bulk for 10 weeks and get fatter. at the same time, I don't want to V-Diet and become a stick. I want a routine that gives me the best all around change. The beginnings of a 6 pack would also be nice. I am willing to use supplements as well. (HOT-ROX, creatine etc.....not steroids)

i would also like to build a nice base over the next 10 weeks. i do not want to just work out for that time and stop. i would finally like to stick to one routine for about 4 months and then switch it up to another now that i have the motivation.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks a lot guys.

p.s. i realize many of you will think I'm a bitch since I'm just going for a beach bod and i don't blame you. even i think its a puss thing to do to just work out to impress a girl. however, my desire to engage in sexual intercourse with this girl over spring break enables me to think this way. in time, i would like and will go for the massive size and strength that you all try to achieve on here but for the time being, help me out! thanks.


I took a look at that link and honestly it just looks like that dude lowered his bf% drastically.


Why don't you just do exactly what Kareem did? You're going to look like a stick after dieting, but at least you'll look like a lean stick.


yeah he definitely lowered his body fat drastically but he doesn't look that small in his ladder pictures. Do you really think this transformation was achieved in 10 weeks? it could be...but I'm not so sure.


You should have started on this last spring.



another guy that wants a great body quick

bodybuilding is not a short term endeavor


I wonder how many T-Nationers are/were frat brats in college and how many are/were anti-frat brat like me?


I went from frat to anti-frat while at college. Took me about a year.


If one could get a beach body in 10 weeks, everyone going South on spring break would have a beach body.

Plan for next year. If you do this right, you won't get just 1 chick, you get get them all.



Please read what you wrote in this paragraph.


Don't ask him to do that, it'll probably be quite painful and he may not survive.


Photograph of the OP in Mexico after his 10-week makeover.

No silly, he's the one in the background.


WTF, you expect to get into shape in 10 weeks. After reading the first paragraph in the link you posted the irony is clear.


If you constantly talk to this girl and you haven't done anything with her and you think your new "bod" will impress her, you're strongly mistaken. There's probably a reason she hasn't slept with you.