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Getting in Shape for MMA.

I’m a totally out of shape MMA fighter in Tennessee( Hence the name). I have had 4 fights and I’m 3-1. Unfortunately I fight as a heavyweight I am currently 5’9" and around 260 pounds.I normally fight around 220. I’m out of shape as hell and need to get back cause the promoter asked me to fight on Jan 22 2005. I believe I can get to around 190 or so with my muscle mass. I have HUGE (28’s) legs and a good sized back. That is the majority of the muscle. I just have a huge gut. What do you guys reccommend for weight loss? I know I won’t reach 190 by Jan or maybe even July but I need to do something. Even when my cardio is awesome I still have body fat. I need to find a diet that won’t drive me nuts. Is the Metabolic diet any good? It looks quite manageable. Also the HOT-ROX look pretty good as well. Sorry for the long post. Any info is appreciated.
As far as workouts go I just started doing my Kettlebell roadwork again M-W-F in the AM before I eat and weight train 2 days a week. Squat and Incline bench on Monday, and DLs, Shoulder Presses and shrugs on thursday. after school is over On Monday I’ll be doing Muay Thai kickboxing monday through Thursday and Judo and Bjj as well. Thanks

Clever name there dude! Check out John Davies “Fat to Fire” article here on T-Nation. It’s a bitch but it will work. Your conditioning will improve as will your bf levels. Good luck with the fighting… cool stuff.

Here’s how I dropped some fat without losing much muscle mass:


Thanks FCFighter that was a great thread. I am definitely going to use the HOT-ROX and possibly some caffeine based thermogenics. I am going to post some before and after pics I think. I’ll probably take them this weekend and show you guys how out of shape I am lol. Thanks again.

hey bro, you should you look at the t-dawg diet 2.0, very good diet and it won’t drive you too insane while dieting.

What promotions have you fought in?

All my fights have been in Memphis. Three fights have been in Jeff Mullins’ KickShoot events and one fight for the ISCF Southern Middle regional championship( Or something like that). The rules are a little weak since they are amateur there are no strikes to the head on the ground but all goes to the body. And during standup no knees to the head. My standup sucks so i don’t mind as much. LOL

Smart Blend by MRM 9-12 grams per day should help get rid of some the gut fat. Increase your intake of deep water fish too if you please. Flax oil 2-3 tablespoons per day and don’t forget to watch your carbs like a hawk. Getting rid of sugars in your diet would be a step in the right direction although you may want to keep the Surge, if you got it. Hope this helps. LMK.

Your pic is Tony Frykland after that TKO show right? He got cut pretty well. do deep sea fish have a better Omega 3 concentration or something?