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Getting in Enough Calories


So basically I've been dicking around in the gym for too long, thinking that my nutrition doesn't matter that much. Long story short, I look the same as I did 8 months ago, and Im pissed off.

I took a look at my diet, and realised that I havent been drinking nearly enough water, or getting nearly enough protein.

After fiddling around with some equations, I've found I need 2600 calories, with ~200g of protein per day, to be at a deficit of 500 calories. I would rather cut down so I look good then do a slow bulk from there, at the moment I still have man boobs and a flabby stomach.

The only problem is that this is actually more than I usually eat.. This is the third day of following my new diet where I get enough protein, and Im actually struggling to get enough calories in to lose weight..

I was supposed to have a meal an hour ago but I skipped it because I'm not even hungry.

I had 150g pork with 2 eggs for breakfast,
Lunch was 120g tuna with 300g of whole wheat pasta,
I am about to have some chicken with brown rice,
Then I need to work out and have my PWO shake,
And then have dinner on top of that.

I am actually struggling to eat enough, and it's affecting my workout. I wanted to go swimming today but I had to eat instead, as thats what several people have been telling me online..

So I guess my question is how do I get enough calories in to lose a good amount of weight, without having to literally force the food down? My weight loss has plateaued in the last 3 months and Id really like to drop 5-10 pounds. I'm currently 6'3, 187lbs, 16yo


If your weight loss has plateaued, you probably don't need to worry about eating more.


On several sites they mention eating more to re-start my metabolism or something


6'3", 187 and 16 years old...
You make eating sound like a chore, I love eating so I can't relate. Try eating while you swim...

Ok, seriously though. You are being too hard on yourself. Since you have a high (16 year old) metabolism try concentrating on putting together a real lifting program and taking it seriously. Lift heavy complex movements, bench, squat, dead lift, shoulder press. Add a little weight each time you go to the gym and watch yourself grow.

On top of your lifting just continue to get as much good food into your system as possible and plenty of water. If your not hungry don't eat, just don't skip chicken and rice and decide you need a Pepsi and a twinke after you swim.

Make healthy choices and stick with it. Changes in your body don't happen over night or even in a month. Promise yourself 3 months of eating healthy and kicking ass in the gym and then see where you are. Oh, and take measurements so you can see your progress that will help motivate you.


If you have been chronically undereating for an extended period of time, then yes you may have some issues with a slowed metabolism. That can probably be fixed by periodic refeeds of 3000 calories or so, maybe twice a week.

If your goal is to lose an additional 5 lbs, then you wouldn't want to start eating more food all of a sudden or you will find that you won't lose any weight. Refeeding periodically can help boost your metabolism up a bit though.