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getting huge support group

This is the beginning of my 2nd week of bulking up. (for those of you who don’t know, I dieted for 16 weeks, going from 24% down to 10%) I’m on 2 doses of mag-10 a day, and about 4,000 (pretty clean) calories. I was at 10.5% and now I’m about 11.7%… My body weight went from 219 to 235. LBM gain was about 10 pounds. All my muscles ‘feel’ huge and tight. I grew about ¾” -1” inch just about everywhere. My gut sticks out a bit from eating all the time, but otherwise I’ve watered up a bit… (well, duh) this all seems a bit unnatural. I’m planning on doing ABCDE program, and I’ll be back on the low-calorie thing this Saturday coming up. Does this all seem right or could I be doing something wrong ?

Just wanted to send congrats on your progress! Wow! Good job!

You need to keep your calories at at least maintainance for a couple of weeks to solidify your gains ang get your body used to a new set point.