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Getting Hiccups Post-Training


I now you are not a MD and I am also following my MD treatment regarding a persistent and coming and going hiccups. He is a BB himself so he is very open minded regarding options that have physiological sense.

I had it for 3 weeks, then the hiccups go away for 2 weeks and it´s been one and half week since it returned. Aside from being annoying it is disrupting my sleep leaving me unrested, so
my training it is also been affected

My question to you it is NOT what would you reccomend me but what would YOU DO if you were in my shoes. Of course that I will look for info and discuss it with my doctor.

Today I was thinking about using Magnesium, Glycine, Taurine, GABA, and even Carbamazepine. It would be great to hear some thoughts from you so I can discuss more options with my doc.

Merci pour ton gest et la déférence
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