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Getting Heavier for Biceps Size?


do you have to get heavier for your biceps to grow ?


Are you serious? I hope you're not.

The answer would be an EMPHATIC YES! Let me ask you something. Do you really think the body would let a muscle group grow (let alone a small one) without the others growing also? The body would not let that happen. It would cause a severe imbalance that could lead to injury.

Remember, the body is after survival, nothing more.



Think of guys with tiny legs. Depends to what degree the body would allow imbalances to occur.


If all your other muscle groups stayed the same and you added muscle mass to only your biceps, how wouldn't you get heavier? MUSCLE = WEIGHT, its not some imaginary matter that just appears and doesn't change the scale.


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So you gain the weight, get bigger arms...When you drop the extra weight, do you get to keep most of the added arm size?

Of course this would depend on if the added arm size is mostly muscle or mostly fat, right?

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It will get bigger to a point without getting heavier, especially if you're untrained but you're going to hit a cap limit pretty quickly once it reaches a certain size.


In the broader and longer-term sense, yes: a guy that weighs 150 at 6 feet is not going to get 18" arms while holding 150 lb.

In the shorter-term and incremental-gains sense, no. It's very possible to in some time period add say half an inch to the arms with no noticed change in bodyweight.


That has been my experience, permitting I don't cut too much muscle when I'm leaning out. Granted, they DO get smaller as I'm dropping weight, but the definition gained makes them appear larger, not to mention the majority of the size lost seems to be mostly be from dehydration and glycogen being depleted.


This is in reality what I meant. You CAN add "some" size to your biceps without adding much, if any weight. However, its not going to be much. I highly doubt that the OP would want to stop after adding only a half inch onto his arms, so if you want to get your arms BIG, you must add significant amounts of total body muscle.

I think Bill hit the point quite nicely on this.


Yes it is very much possible, and it is a highly effective technique used by egyptian bodybuilders called "pyramid blowing". you gain size and VERY LITTLE weight and thus get bigger arms rapidly without needing to gain bodyweight.
In principle, you allow the fibers to soak up moist air by performing combat pyramids for 45-60 minutes WHILE hyperventilating in an oxygen-rich environment.

THe key is to keep the elbows in a state of partial flexion throughout and avoid any PWO supplements thereafter. Because there are no protein/carbs available, the muscles absorb 5 times the volume in air/oxygen and it also causes significant fascial stretching. you CAN build 20 inch arms in 6-8 months with this approach, The downside is that you will need to be very careful around splinters and basically anything sharp.

Also any/all visible/open wounds will need to be ducttaped to keep your asize, and of course your arms will be a lot bigger in summer and a little less in winter for obvious reasons.

Remember, Combat pyramids with the biceps partially flexed.


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Sharting is ok, but farting will cause you to lose your gained size.


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