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Getting Healthier, Bigger, and Stronger


Hey. Yes, I’d like to think I’m able to put on weight, haha. That’s my goal! If I was heavier, I could deadlift better. I have no stomach to push into my belt, and therefore I have no way to leverage the bar up. I’m not even talking about fat, I’m talking about muscle. I lost a LOT of weight, and it completely fucked my leverages (to the point that I need to relearn my form on everything). I’m actually really pissed off.


Probiotics, digestive enzymes, and amino acids. That is all I take. If I fry anything, my gut goes into pain mode. If I eat too much of any one food (think chicken), my stomach hurts. If I do anything without eating a vegetable first, my stomach hurts. It’s really aggravating and it’s killing me that I can’t put on weight…I almost want to quit training until I get better because I know I’m just spinning my wheels. Seriously. Or maybe I want to switch to something less intensive until the summer because both my sleep and food intake are absolute garbage; and I’m going to end up tearing something or hurting myself.

Plus, my ego LOVES to kick in because I’m much weaker than I used to be. I tweaked the right side of my back being an idiot.

@T3hPwnisher have any cues specific to touch and go deadlifts? I forgot all of them somehow.


I tend to avoid cues, as I compete in a sport where I’ll need to move weight rapidly as part of a medley. If I have to remember a buncha stuff right before I hit a deadlift, I’ll lose to the guy that can just grip and rip.

Being able to hold your breath for several reps seems to be the key to success for me. Also, with there being a speedy concentric phase from the bottom, you’re going to be engaging your hips earlier than you probably think you need to. When I hit a set of deads, there’s a lot of effort put into that first rep to break off the floor, then I focus on getting the hips through, but after that it’s about hinging at the hips on the eccentric, tapping the floor lightly, and by the time I do that I’m already trying to get the hips through again. By the time I actually start doing it, the bar is already around the upper shin/knee and in the right place to go. If you wait to time the hips, it’ll probably be too late.


Okay, thank you.


@MarkKO I bit the bullet and I’m going to sign up for Panora’s team as soon as I get to the bank…wish me luck. I don’t think I made a mistake, but I’m going to need luck to get me through this, haha.


Dude make sure your eating and gut health is sorted before you drop money on joining a team for programming. You’re wasting money if you can’t get the food in necessary to progress


Yeah, that’s my concern as well.


That’s awesome! You wont regret it. Add me on Facebook and I’ll get Greg to add you to the group. That’s where most of the coaching (and banter) takes place. We’re all pretty cool, definitely plenty of people with a lot of experience and knowledge who will help.

Read the pinned posts at the top when you’re added and follow them to the letter and you’ll be fine. Especially the technique ones.

Honestly, all you need to do to survive with us is eat and work hard. You’ll figure out the best weights to use on assistance like rows and stuff as you go.

Lastly, the first month or two you do will have you thinking everything is too light and wanting to go heavier. Don’t worry. Six months in and you’ll feel very different.


Awesome to hear. My gut health is not the best right now, but I can eat and train to the best of my ability; and I work very hard.


That’s all you need. The first three months ot so aren’t super hard, because the weights are submaximal and you deload every fifth week. The overall volume might be a bit of an adjustment but you’ll adapt fast. You’ll have plenty of time to feel out where you can add calories.

It gets hard once the fatigue accumulates, which doesn’t happen over night.


Okay. Thanks for the heads up Mark. I’m signing up Monday as soon as my bank reopens and I can get $20 in my account.


Download the Trainheroic app in the interim. You’ll need it.


Thanks. Like @duketheslaya said, my stomach is still shit, but I think a good coach has a greater potential to get me stronger faster than a good program.


The coach will have you run a good program if he is a good coach. How well you adhere to that program will dictate the results. With all that you’ve went through and are going through, I would set that money aside, and add to it when you can, so that when your physical issues are not consuming your thoughts, you can invest in a long term relationship with a good coach. You’re too worried about making up lost time, which is why you’re training with percentages and eating amounts of food that your body isn’t used to and can’t yet handle. I did drugs and didn’t lift til I was 18. You’ve still got a head start on me, don’t rush it too much. Fix your body. THEN invest in it.


I’m kind of confused by that statement TBH. By definition, a good coach will use a good system. It’ll be a good system because the coach, who is good, set it up.

Don’t work under any illusion that Greg will get you stronger by some kind of fluke. That’s down to you doing the work Greg sets out and executing the lifts exactly as he instructs, and eating. If you don’t do those things Greg will be absolutely unconcerned because he has a large number of people on the team who do, and he’ll simply kick you off.

I’m aware that you’re going through some fairly major shit right now. That sucks, but it will have zero impact on how the team sees and treats you. Just to give you an idea, we have one dude who nearly died in a car crash the week he signed up. He couldn’t walk for close to six months after. He was benching within a week of getting out of hospital. His bench is edging five hundred pounds now and he got bigger.

Greg has been in the sport for 20 years and has had to learn to walk and talk again after a stroke in his 20s. He’s lived in his car to train at better gyms, trained with stab wounds, you name it.

What I’m trying to get at is that all we care about on the team is getting better so we win. If you bust your arse to do that and work you’ll earn respect. If you don’t, you won’t last.

Quick progress isn’t what we are about. We are about spending a long time in the sport and doing what is necessary to climb to the top, however long it takes.

I’m not trying to put you off, just make you aware of what is expected.


@MarkKO I didn’t intend to say that I’d get stronger on a fluke. Let me rephrase my statement - I think good coaching + good programming is better than good programming, because coaches have to be specific. Good programming isn’t always specific. And props to that guy who almost died, good for him. Hoping he’s better.

@flappinit yeah, you make a good point. I guess I should wait. Maybe I shouldn’t bite the bullet just yet.


You’re in for a shock with Greg, then. We ALL do exactly the same thing every week. The only difference is the amount of weight used.


Yes, but you are doing the same specific thing every week with no room to fiddle (along with 200+ other guys).


Exactly. You get it.


Yeah. That’s what I’m looking for, haha. But maybe I should wait until I’m fixed up so I can get the most out of it.