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Getting Healthier, Bigger, and Stronger


Thank you sir. I appreciate the suggestion.


@flappinit I emailed you back, in case you didn’t get the notification.


I sent you one back on Saturday after you emailed me - short, but it’s there.


Coconut milk


I just set 4 PRs in the same session. I don’t know how, because I really do feel like shit. But, I was happy with this session. A 150 Press is there soon, and a 185 press should be there by the end of the year. Once my weight goes up, my press should too.


45 x 2 x 5
75 x 3
95 x 3
115 x 8 — PR
125 x 4 — PR
135 x 2 — PR
95 x 5 x 5

Strict Curl — 95 x 5 — PR
50 Face Pulls + 50 Band PA
AMRAP Pushups (10 minutes) — 151 (PR)

That’s a wrap. Still waking up at 160, but I’m also skipping meals when I feel like projectile vomiting; so there’s that. Video coming later.


I didn’t get it, lol. It’s probably a problem on my end. Feel free to resend it. It’s much appreciated.


Two out of three training sessions would of made me find a puke bucket


Thanks dude. Higher reps is always what I’ve thrived on, so it’s back to the basics. Combined with food, I should get a whole lot stronger.


youll get there man, its all about patience


Yeah man. I’m sure I will. Box Squatting made me a whole lot faster everywhere besides in the hole because I did them wrong for 6 weeks. My legs are welcoming me back to free squatting…it’s not fun.


Here was yesterday’s diet:


  • a lot of cashews, raisins, and a banana all mixed together with salt


  • 3 avocados, 7 ounces chicken (added olive oil)


  • a lot of mashed potatoes (instead of using butter, I used heaps of coconut oil and salt).

I’m just eating until my head falls off.


I see plenty of good fat and carbs there, but not a lot of protein.


If it means anything, I’m taking these.


They’re supposed to contain a lot of amino acids. They also don’t screw up my guts. But, when I can eat more animal protein without being in pain, I will let you know. I’m probably getting in around 120-130 g. Protein per day., which isn’t great but isn’t bad because I’m eating a LOT of calories.


Here’s the breakdown:

I also drink a lot of vegetable juices and eat a lot of vegetables…there’s an extra 300 calories in there somewhere. I’m just doing my best to eat as much as possible, it doesn’t matter what.

My gut hasn’t been as shifty lately, so there’s progress.


Holy crap, when you said ‘a lot of cashews’, I was not envisioning 3 cups! That’s the protein component I wasn’t seeing, but wow, that is a lot of fat. So that’s easier on your stomach than animal protein? I’m just the opposite, I love nuts but if I ate that many my gut would be wrecked.

If it works for you and you can tolerate it, go for it. That many calories over baseline is going to add some fat, but as long as you’re okay with it… I’d personally be concerned about eating over 350g of fat in one day.


Yes. Nuts don’t bother me, surprisingly. They’ve been my saving grace for a while. And honestly, I’m not worried about how much fat I’m eating simply because

1.) I’m always moving.
2.) I’m 160 pounds. Once I get to 175-180, I can start worrying about how much fat I’m taking in. Food and working out > no food and working out.


Sweet God, today sucked. I have not slept in the last week! Once I get up to piss, I generally have to shit, and then my stomach hurts so I can’t go back to bed. Case in point: I’ve been up since 4 this morning. As a result of literally not being competent enough to function, I grabbed the bar unevenly when I went to pull, I mistimed the third rep of my heaviest set, and all of my cues went completely out the window. Oh well. It was just one of those sessions. 275 felt like 315, so I knew I was in for a struggle anyway. Still waking up at 160. Hoping weight sticks soon. Feeling a little better stomach wise, but I’m still not in a good spot.

Also, I have my SAT Saturday, and because my guidance counselor is retarded, 2 months of notice was not enough for him to be able to schedule disability accommodations for the test (literally, just the time I spend in the bathroom granted back to me). I’m lucky I get to take it twice more.

Anyway, enough whining. Here’s the session:


135 x 2 x 5
185 x 3
225 x 3
275 x 3 (heavy)
315 x 3 (felt about the same)
355 x 5 — Shit reps. Next time.
275 x 5 x 5 — heavy.

50 Ab Wheel
5 x 10 Dimel DL @185
DOH Hold w/ 195


Mate, you’re still making a lot of food choices that are contraindicated for people with gut problems.


Also, I think you should be using supplements to try and cool the inflammation in your GI tract and repopulate with good gut flora.

EDIT: I can go into way more detail if you like


Is this for real? Wow that’s a lot of avacado! That’s like almost quadruple the fat I get for the whole day. Are you bulking right now?